Electric Small Buses, Midi Buses, School Buses: Big New Market

Everyone knows about the Chinese having 400,000 pure electric large buses already: adoption easing as subsidies are withdrawn. However, in the new IDTechEx report, Electric School Buses and Midi Buses 2019-2039, IDTechEx finds that this market will also be large and it will prosper without subsidies.
For over ten years, IDTechEx has correctly predicted the time when ever larger pure electric vehicles achieve cost parity with internal combustion equivalents. In only a few years, small robot shuttles and midi buses will achieve this killer blow. When? What types? What technologies? This webinar assesses the opportunity, market drivers and progress. Electrifying over 1.6 million school buses - mainly midi buses - in the world is a major part of this. Reinvention of the bus awaits: see the IDTechEx guess at what the Tesla bus will look like.