Partnership and customer development

IDTechEx will support you in identifying and developing partnerships and links with key customer and end user groups, as well as select suppliers. IDTechEx can help you if want to:
  • Cultivate a new customer base for a new product line in a new field
  • Develop a value chain or an ecosystem around the material, component and/or service you offer
  • Connect with key stakeholders and developers to commercialise your technology

Methodology outline

Client Needs
and Capabilities
Customers/Targets Focus Activities Business Conversation Selection
  • Sign NDA with client
  • Understand concept, technology and/or product details
  • Understand client’s target markets by application and territory
  • Identify key potential customers/partners
  • Learn the needs of potential customers/partners
  • Narrow target markets and potential products/technologies
  • Develop partner/selection criteria together with client
  • Narrow down list based on client expectation and product attributes, and customer/partner needs
  • Facilitate business conversations with potential customer/partner under NDA
  • Guide discussions towards exchange of samples
  • Select best partners/customers based on strategic alignment and potential for commercial growth

Why choose us?

  • Strong relationships with end users which are vital in assessing the market opportunity. 48% of people on our contact database are end users (typically B2C companies) or system integrators.
  • Extensive network of contacts. For examples, IDTechEx has 83500, 101000, 134000, and 124500 contacts in Printed Electronics, Energy Harvesting, RFID, and Energy Storage sectors
  • Our analysts travel the word extensively, attending conferences and tradeshows, and visiting clients. Between January and September 2013, IDTechEx analysts visited China, Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada and UK
  • Strong existing market intelligence and technology assessment knowledge, enabling our analysts to identify players and anticipate their business needs

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