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A warm welcome to IDTechEx!

IDTechEx is a collaborative team of business and technology professionals who help international clients make strategic business decisions. We are an established, high-growth organisation that our clients call on when they seek impartial business intelligence on global technology innovation. We work with high-profile and exciting emerging organizations around the world.

We are continually recruiting for more great talent - please check out our opportunities below to see how IDTechEx can launch or progress your professional career.

Why join our team?

Evolve with us

Evolve with us

We encourage our team members to grow their skills and experience through personal and professional development, whether that be through studies or attending relevant events to engage in industry. As a meritocracy, everyone with skill and imagination can aspire to reach their highest potential at IDTechEx.

Global impact

Global impact

As an international company, there is opportunity for travel to connect with a variety of places and people. Our business is built on long-lasting relationships with clients worldwide and we have subsidiaries in Germany, Japan and the United States, in addition to our UK headquarters.

Innovative Space

Innovative space

Creative and innovative thinkers are welcome, with all team members given platforms to express their thoughts and ideas. Our employees are our identity; we encourage people to express their thoughts and ideas to enable us to collaboratively grow and share collective intelligence.

Fast track your careers

Fast track your career

We don't have all the red tape and bureaucracy that often comes with the corporate world, nor are you just a number to us. We value connection and diversity in the workplace. We offer opportunities for fast career progression and greater responsibility within your role.

The benefits and opportunities of becoming a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx

Why become an IDTechEx Analyst

We invest considerably in our analysts and provide rapid personal and professional growth. Through activities such as delivering briefings to our customers, speaking at conferences, and interviews with journalists, IDTechEx analysts are developed into leading and trusted names in the industry.

Key benefits:

  • Work at the forefront of technology innovation, with great scope to identify and engage with new topics
  • Direct contact from an early stage with leading global organizations: your work will make a difference
  • We invest in your training including in management, leadership, presentation skills, software proficiency
  • International travel to East Asia, Europe and US (when safe to do so!)
  • Varied work: engage with clients, leading technology developers, write assessments, present and promote your work
  • Clear promotion path
  • Competitive pay with discretionary bonuses
  • Discretionary benefits including life insurance and private medical insurance
  • Pension scheme with employer contribution

Life as a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx

There is no ‘average day’: IDTechEx analysts work in a fast-paced environment and interact with clients on a day-to-day basis. As such, though we often set out to have an ‘average day’, our days are often dictated by requests and queries that come in from our clients.

The IDTechEx Technology Analyst role revolves mainly around technical market research and consultancy, which entails gathering and analyzing primary and secondary data. IDTechEx analysts become respected subject matter experts, which results in their role extending beyond research and into every part of the company.

At IDTechEx, you can expect to be involved in multiple areas of the company including marketing, business development, sales and events. Typically, IDTechEx analysts find their long-term research efforts (up to the order of months) to be punctuated by many short tasks for the marketing, sales and events teams.

Analysts will travel as a part of their role. There is no ‘average trip’ either - every business trip is different based on the city and the purpose. IDTechEx analysts travel extensively across Europe, North America and East Asia for research and business development.

Career in Technology Consulting

From University to a Career as an IDTechEx Technology Analyst

We advise large companies on what could be an opportunity or threat for them.

Dr Richard Collins
Research Director, North America

Please see our open opportunities here.

The benefits of the Sales and Business Development roles at IDTechEx

IDTechEx Careers in Sales & Business Development

We have a highly skilled, passionate and driven sales team from diverse backgrounds, across the globe.

Our sales team are typically responsible for a geographical territory, selling all our products and services to entities who seek our information and analysis on technology innovation.

Our sales colleagues collaborate with the marketing and analyst teams, to ensure we present our most relevant and topical research to clients and potential clients in the best way. Sales team members will often have existing accounts to manage and renew, by delivering a premium service. Through our marketing activities there will be numerous leads for new business opportunity which our sales team follow up. In addition, our sales team approach contacts they identify that could have an interest in our products and services.

The sales process means that you will be involved from initial contact through to proposal writing and customer management. You will deal with global clients, ranging from blue chip companies to start-ups, each with specific needs. Our sales team listens to our clients needs enabling us to provide the most appropriate service.

Why further your Sales & Business Development Career at IDTechEx?

From the start, you will be responsible for the whole sales cycle and account management within your specified territory.

Key benefits:

  • Work at the forefront of technology innovation, with a diverse range of companies
  • Direct contact from an early stage with leading global organizations
  • We provide training
  • Opportunity to work from home
  • Travel to customers and events
  • Competitive pay with bonuses
  • Discretionary benefits including life insurance and private medical insurance (location dependent)
  • Pension scheme with employer contribution (location dependent)

Please see our open opportunities here.

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