Accelerating the Deployment of NFC/RFID Based Mobile Payment (RFID Europe 2010)

Steve Lewis, VP Marketing & Business Development
2010 9월28일.


TWINLINX Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

  • NFC/RFID payment: state of the Art: where are we now.
  • What are the challenges for deployment
  • Viable Solutions for accelerating growth in 2011/2012

Speaker Biography (Steve Lewis)

Steve graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in microelectronics. He has enjoyed a career of over 25 years in the semi-conductor and RFID-smart card industries, where he worked for a number of major companies including Siliconix, ES2/Atmel and ST Microelectronics in the areas of IC design, product marketing and business development. In 1996 he joined Inside Contactless as Marketing Director with the responsibility of developing Contactless smart card and RFID markets. In August 2006 he co-founded TWINLINX, a company specializing in solutions and products for NFC technology and applications. At Twinlinx he holds the position of Vice President of Marketing and is responsible for the business development and marketing of NFC (Near field communications) products.

Company Profile (TwinLinx)

TwinLinx logo
Created in 2006 by Jacek Kowalski, founder and former CEO of INSIDE Contactless, TWINLINX is based in Aix-en-Provence, South of France, in the heart of the semiconductor and smart card industries. The company is focused on the development of innovative technologies designed to accelerate the growth of NFC applications and markets. Its highly acclaimed product, MyMax, a thin electronic sticker designed to add NFC functionality to Bluetooth phones promises to have a significant market impact as it becomes available in volume production throughout 2010.
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