Advantages of the Liquid Exfoliation Route to Graphene (Graphene LIVE! USA 2014)

Dr Andy Goodwin, Advanced Materials Division
Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.
United Kingdom
2014 11월20일.


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Presentation Summary

• Introduction to carbon nanomaterials from Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.
• Advantages of the liquid exfoliation route to graphene.
• Elicarb® Graphene product specification and availability.
• Exfoliation of non-carbon 2D materials.

Speaker Biography (Andy Goodwin)

Andy is a Ph.D. scientist with extensive leadership experience in innovation and new business growth within the speciality chemicals industry. He has a passion for technology entrepreneurship and leads the Advanced Materials Division at Thomas Swan.
Andy joined Thomas Swan in August 2012 from Dow Corning Corporation in Michigan, USA. During his 23 year career at Dow Corning he led activities in new business creation and innovation, business start-up, technology development, product development and delivery; and worked in locations in Europe and the USA
Andy has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of York, a M.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Northumbria and a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the Open University. He also has a diploma in Mastering Technology Enterprise from IMD, Switzerland and is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is based at Thomas Swan, Consett, UK.

Company Profile (Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.)

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. logo
Thomas Swan is a major independent manufacturer of performance and speciality chemicals. The Advanced Materials Division is dedicated to the reliable supply of high performance materials into new and emerging markets. Our leading carbon nanotube products, Elicarb® SWNTs are high quality materials manufactured at scale. In 2014, we launched Elicarb® Graphene a few layer graphene nanoplatelet product followed by a range of Elicarb® Graphene grades in 2015. We have also recently launched 2D boron nitride, our first non-carbon 2D product.
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