An Operational Secured Traceability Solution for Aerospace Maintenance (RFID Europe 2010)

Flavio Daffara, Responsible Business Development
2010 9월28일.


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Presentation Summary

  • Aviation industry maintenance challenges
  • Innovative secured traceability architecture
  • Benefits of the solution
  • Conclusion and perspectives

Speaker Biography (Flavio Daffara)

Flavio is responsible for Business Development at ORIDAO. He holds a Master's degree in Electronics/Telecommunications and an MBA. He has over 10 years experience in business development and marketing programs management in the microelectronics industry with international market responsibilities. Before joining ORIDAO, Flavio worked for multinational companies such as Texas Instruments and Philips.

Company Profile (ORIDAO)

Oridao develops Digital Trackers & Secured Traceability architectures based on the concept of origin and events authentication for process traceability, field maintenance and logistics tracking applications.
Oridao solutions provide unmatched simplicity in terms of deployment and operation and are based on security algorithms and protocols, published, open and compatible with existing RFID standards. Key features :
  • Local authentication of product identity and process conformance: actors, time stamping, controls, values, parameters
Offline/Online operations, allowing on demand secured database synchronization
  • Passive RFID secured transponder chips - EPC UHF Gen 2
  • Reader firmware update for secured traceability protocol implementation
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