Enhancing Productivity with RFID (RFID Europe 2010)

Janne Makelainen, Technical Support Engineer
Nordic ID
2010 9월29일.


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Presentation Summary

  • Container Centralen: asset tracking. CC tracks it's RFID-tagged containers to track their assets and to clean up the pool from copies
  • Byblos: Library RFID
  • Assistor: car logistics. Assistor is a Finnish car logistics company that deals especially with a lot of transito to Russia and manages its functions with RFID.
  • Gerry Weber: item-level RFID. Gerry Weber is a European fashion house that has rolled out RFID to their entire supply chain and shop floor.

Company Profile (Nordic ID)

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Mobile RFID readers: Nordic ID provides mobile devices for professional use enabling customers to improve their inventory management, customer service, communication and supply chain control.
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