Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, Founder & CEO @ Emoshape Inc. And Architect Of The Emotion Processing Unit (EPU) (Sensors USA 2018)

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, CEO
Emoshape Inc
United States


USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

As intelligent devices work with humans with improving cognitive competence, they will require complementary affective reasoning and empathy to achieve mutual understanding. This is facilitated by wave computing which allows diverse stimuli to inform a more complete appraisal and response. Biometric and other detection are the ingredients of this more human-like interaction.

Speaker Biography (Patrick Levy-Rosenthal)

Emoshape Inc. is owned and run by entrepreneur Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, who currently lives in New York. He grew up in Paris. In 2006 Patrick won the European Information Society Technology (IST) prize for his work on a 3D interactive screen. He moved to NYC to work and develop his passion and ideas surrounding bio inspired emotion synthesis. He studied the relationship between cognition and emotion, the root of the cognitive processes underlying each emotional responses, emotions synthesis and the influence of emotion on decision making. Patrick has developed a new generation of microchip named EPU (Emotion Processing Unit) for Ai and Robots and the world's first Al that can feel the 12 primary human emotion.

Company Profile (Emoshape Inc)

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Emoshape Inc. is a New York based company, which developed the first emotion synthesis chip (Emotion Processing Unit or EPU) for AI and robots. The EPU provides these intelligent machines with natural language understanding, empathy, and personality. These are the essential ingredients of a harmonious future for human-machine interaction, and devices powered by the chip meaningfully increase user engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.
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