Smart Things Happening in Mobile Healthcare (RFID Europe 2010)

Mr Chris Johnson, Senior Marketing & Sales Director
2010 9월29일.


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Presentation Summary

  • Standardization progress by Continua Alliance and NFC forum
  • Active tag solutions for medication and patient monitoring
  • "Lab on Chip" solutions emerging in US Market
  • Medical devices migrating to RFID interface

Speaker Biography (Chris Johnson)

Chris Johnson is a senior marketing and sales director in the international technology sector. Since 2001 he has assisted European growth companies develop their own technology and intellectual property. Services provided include strategy development, investor relations, alliance building, key account acquisition and management.
Recently he served Zensys (de-facto standard in wireless home control) in a similar capacity and previously was a senior director in Philips Semiconductors.

Company Profile (Cypak)

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Cypak is a Swedish technology innovator making objects smart, secure and connected. Core technologies include the efficient integration of microelectronics and sensors into disposable materials, a new contact-less data transfer technology and security solutions to guarantee authenticity and integrity. Up-to-date technology has enabled the world's first disposable and intelligent pharmaceutical packaging and courier packaging with tamper detection. Cypak's business is to license technology and provide components to simplify and secure the process of collecting, managing and transferring sensitive data.
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