Research Articles

by Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh

07 Aug 2020

Agricultural Robots and Drones: Company and Product Readiness Map

It is often imagined that agriculture is alien to new technologies. This is far from reality. In fact, agriculture has always been a pioneer in the adoption of new technologies, embracing motor/power, modified seed, and agrochemical technologies over many decades to boost productivity.
30 Jul 2020

AI in Medical Imaging Diagnostics: Benchmarking 60+ Companies

Deep learning has revolutionized image recognition and analysis, making unprecedented performance leaps between 2010-2014. These rapid advancements enabled the development of automated, accurate, accessible, and cost-effective medical diagnostics.
14 Jul 2020

Automotive Radar: Golden Era of Innovation and Growth

Radar uptake in vehicles will continue its increase, driven both by an increase in the number of adopting cars and by the radar content per vehicle. Both trends are driven by the increasing adoption of ADAS and will be sustained and strengthened in the longer term by the emergence of highly automated or autonomous driving.
08 Jul 2020

In-Mold Electronics: Material Development Opportunities

In-Mold Electronics (IME) is a process that combines printed electronics with 3D forming and molding to create 3D objects with embedded electronics. The electronics can include interconnects, sensors, rigid IC or LEDs, optical waveguides, and so on.
03 Jul 2020

Thermal Interface Materials: Diverse, Essential, and Evolving

This article highlights some key material development trends. More specifically, approaches to increase the thermal conductivity (in W/mK) of TIMs are considered. This is an important trend because the IDTechEx assessment is that the market, in absolute terms, for high or ultrahigh thermal conductivity TIM materials, will inevitably rise.
30 Jun 2020

Conductive Inks: Finding the Right Segment in a Diverse $2.3B Market

The conductive ink market is diverse. This is shown in the schematic below, showing the commercialization status of diverse spectrum applications. This diversity is both a blessing and a curse.
23 Jun 2020

AI-Powered Agricultural Robots: Affordable Ultra-Precision?

A Revolution in Affordable Ultra-Precision? The developments in agricultural robotics, machine vision, and AI will drive a deep and far-reaching transformation of the way farming is carried out.
01 Jun 2020

Agricultural Robots and AI: A Question of When and Not If

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will drive a deep and transformative change in the agricultural world during the coming decades. Seeing, localising, and taking plant-specific intelligent action are no longer the exclusive realm of humans.
24 Apr 2020

Conductive Inks: Hybrid Electronics, In-Mold Electronics, Skin Patches

Conductive ink business is inherently wonderfully diverse. This has allowed the industry to rejuvenate itself time and time again and to remain very relevant through generations of product lifecycles.
15 Apr 2020

Conductive Inks: 5G, Automotive, Power Electronics, PV, E-Packaging

Conductive ink business is inherently wonderfully diverse, which has allowed the industry to rejuvenate itself time and again and to remain relevant through generations of product lifecycles. This diversity, however, presents a market segmentation, evaluation, and prioritization challenge for many small and large players across the world.
13 Apr 2020

Routes to 3D Electronics: Assessment of Technologies and Applications

Metallization of 3D surfaces is a growing field with diverse applications. In this article, we briefly discuss some techniques and applications thereof. More specifically, we discuss and critically benchmark laser direct structuring, aerosol, 3D printed electronics, two-shot molding and In-Mold Electronics.
09 Apr 2020

Autonomous Trucks: Addressing the Industry's Structural Challenges

What is the technology and commercial status of Autonomous mobility, and what does the future market deployment look like?