Research Articles

by Dr Hydra Rodrigues

28 Nov 2022

CCUS Market Set for Growth in Key Industries, Finds IDTechEx Report

Recognized as one of the key technologies essential to achieving net-zero emissions targets, the momentum behind carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) deployment is building up.
23 Nov 2022

A New Dawn for CCUS After Five Decades of Ups and Downs

The world is on a quest for solutions to decarbonize its economy. More than 70 countries and over 1,200 companies have set a net-zero target, according to the United Nations. To limit warming to less than 2°C, emissions of hundreds of gigatonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂) would need to be prevented and removed from the atmosphere.
10 Oct 2022

New IDTechEx Report Explores Carbon Dioxide Removal Market Potential

The Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) sector has experienced growing corporate interest and swift development, with record investments over the past year in technologies that draw carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere.
05 Jul 2022

Can the Plastics Industry Become a Carbon-Capture Leader?

One of the major environmental issues facing the planet today is the rising levels of plastic consumption and waste. As carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions also soar, the emerging carbon capture and utilization (CCU) industry propose a solution for both issues: creating lower-carbon, degradable polymers using CO2 emissions as the feedstock.
10 May 2022

New IDTechEx Report Explores the Future of Carbon Utilization

As mitigating the effects of climate change becomes one of the world's top priorities, carbon dioxide utilization (CO2U) technologies have been set forth as part of the solution.
16 Mar 2022

Can Oil be Climate Compatible?

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warned us over the threat global warming is posing, with consequences already being felt and accelerating rapidly. At the same time, the price of oil is at its highest since 2008 and is likely to continue to soar. Although prices at these levels are largely war-driven, both oil and gas prices were already climbing as economies reopened last year. These events have just shown how energy vulnerable and dependent on fossil fuels the global economy still is.
18 Nov 2021

COP26: Small Steps Forward for Green Technologies, Finds IDTechEx

Climate change is one of humanity's most pressing challenges. In an effort to accelerate global action in limiting temperature rises, international lawmakers, business leaders, scientists, and activists convened in Glasgow (U.K.) for the past two weeks in the UN's Climate Change Conference (COP26). In this article, IDTechEx examines three crucial technologies in the fight against climate change that saw advancements (or not) during this COP's proceedings.
13 Sep 2021

Carbon Capture & Utilization Can Enable Low-Carbon Concrete Production

Concrete is the second most consumed substance on the planet, trailing only potable water. Cement production - an essential ingredient for concrete - alone contributes to 7% of global anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. As the world will see the building stock double in size by 2050, pressure for the cement industry to decarbonize has risen swiftly.