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Research Articles

29 Jul 2011

Fuel cells rescued by batteries

Fuel cells were originally considered to be replacements for internal combustion engines used in traditional vehicles and replacements for traction batteries used in pure electric vehicles.
28 Jul 2011

Electric Vehicle Range Extenders - Rival Approaches

Led by the Japanese and with Hyundai of Korea, the Europeans and the Americans coming up fast, we are in the decade of the hybrid vehicle, with much more being spent on them than on pure electric vehicles. This is because traction batteries alone cannot affordably provide sufficient range in most of the large applications by land, sea or air.
Germany, United Kingdom, United States
14 Jul 2011

EV/Smart Grid Technology Analyst Opportunity at IDTechEx

IDTechEx is recruiting, and seeks a Technology Analyst, preferably with knowledge of the electric vehicle and/or smart grid sector. We welcome candidates to approach us.
12 Jul 2011

Electric vehicle range extenders - a large new market

This article shares some of the research in the new IDTechEx report, {{Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles |}}. We are in the age of the hybrid electric vehicle which is strongly outselling the pure electric vehicle in market value though not in numbers over the next decade.
06 Jul 2011

Electric vehicles - land, sea, air Europe 2011 awards

The judges noted very innovative and impressive features with real benefits for electric vehicles.