Dr Na Jiao Technology Analyst

Na is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Joining the company in 2018, she works in the electric vehicle and energy storage team researching on the technology and market trends on different categories of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, autonomous mobility, battery technologies and second-life electric vehicle batteries. She has worked on reports and led consulting projects in electric vehicle and energy storage related topics. Before joining IDTechEx, Na has worked as interns with various automobile companies including Nissan and BAIC Group.
Na obtained her PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research focuses on innovative business models for second-life electric vehicle battery systems. During her PhD, Na has worked with global car companies across Japan, China, US and Europe, presented her research at international conferences and events and won the Best Originality Award and First Runner-up of the first International Competition on Second Life for Retired Batteries from Electric Vehicles hosted by the Environment Bureau of Hong Kong. Prior to this, Na obtained her BEng degree in Material Science and Engineering at Central South University (China) and did her final year project on ionic liquid electrolytes for thermo-electrochemical cells at Monash University.
Research field
At IDTechEx, Na's research focuses on the markets and enabling technologies for electric vehicles, energy storage, smart mobility and related topics. This includes authorship of leading market research report on second-life batteries, autonomous mobility and a consulting project on the energy storage demand for copper.

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