IDTechEx Webinar

Electric Vehicles in China: Not What You Think

The demand for cars dipped in China last year. China will soon create a permanent drop in global car demand.
This webinar shares research included in the new IDTechEx report, Electric Vehicles in China 2019-2029, revealing why it is poor at exporting electric cars but rapidly grabbing the global electric bus market. It has four times the number of trucks seen in the USA and their electrification is now beginning. Shrewd innovation and global acquisitions by Chinese EV companies are more significant than price cutting. A huge protected domestic market helps. Learn the significance of its robot agricultural tractor and its solar drone that will be up for five years. E-bikes peaked years ago in China but it will make a multiple of their number in the form of an electric off-road robot. What? IDTechEx has four PhD level analysts whose native language is Chinese and this, and our 20 year background in EVs, enables us to reveal the true situation including weaknesses and export/ import opportunities.