Smart Cities in 2022

This webinar covers recent progress with smart cities and what is likely to happen in 2022.
It deals with both new cities and existing ones that are radically modernising. Learn how the objectives are now far more ambitious. They involve dealing with the great issues of our time. The primary emphasis of the webinar is on city layout, reinvented transport, the quest for independence in food, water, and electricity with zero emissions, and new smart materials making it possible. Learn the radical advances such as which vertical take-off air taxi technologies are winning and why IDTechEx welcomes 3D printed graphene concrete tunnels under London. How shall we cope with much of the world becoming desert or flooded from rising sea levels? What are the many ways in which a smart city now eliminates infrastructure? Which smart city approaches are excellent and which may end in tears? It is all here, based on global research by PhD level IDTechEx analysts worldwide, many being multilingual.