IDTechEx Patent Analytics Services

IDTechEx will support you in undertaking patent analysis services, evaluating the current and future technology competitive landscape, monitor your competitor's patent activity, and help identify the whitespace to position your product portfolio to meet existing and emerging market needs. IDTechEx can help you if you seek support to:

  • Identify patent whitespace gaps that your technology or product can address
  • Evaluate risk from emerging competing suppliers and technologies
  • Map the global competitive landscape and assess the state of competition
  • Differentiate your product and technology in a crowded space

Methodology outline

Client needs Identify technology target Patent search Create a patent landscape report and present findings
  • Sign NDA with client
  • Determine client's objectives
  • Define commercial objective
  • Identify area of technology to be investigated
  • Define key research questions
  • Determine keyword combinations and patent classifications most appropriate to technology under investigation
  • Utilise search strategy to isolate relevant patents
  • Cross-analyse patent search results according to related groups and sub-groups
  • Use patent data to determine activity in the technology field or competitor of interest.
  • Identify technology whitespaces, the current and future competitive landscape and identify key competitors or possible strategic partners.
  • Uncover patent activity trends and distil meaningful insights
  • Demonstrate findings in visual representations during interactive session with client

Why choose us?

  • Dedicated analysts have significant experience and benefit from an independent bird's eye view of the global landscape. Most analysts are PhD level or have a technical degree as a minimum.
  • We have tracked a broad range of technologies and can leverage lessons from one technology to another.
  • Detailed knowledge of companies throughout the sector to draw on reasons for their success or failure.
  • Critically, our highly technical analysts deploy their considerable commercial acumen to the advantage of clients interested not only in understanding the patent landscape from a technical perspective, but also in terms of the companies entering and leaving that space.

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