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Hong Kong
27 Oct 2010

IDTechEx Hong Kong event award winners

IDTechEx held their Printed Electronics Asia and Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting & RFID conference in Hong Kong last week. This was the first time all these topics were brought together at one event.
United States
21 Oct 2010

Energy Harvesting & Storage - WSN & RTLS Summit USA 2010: At a glance

IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage and the WSN & RTLS Summit USA 2010 conference and exhibition areonly a few weeks away now, and the programme is already full of a wide array of speakers, representing different industries and requirements from energy harvesting devices as well as implementations of wireless sensor networks.
18 Oct 2010

IDTechEx WSN, Energy Harvesting & RFID Asia

This event was the first of a global series of events on these topics to be held in Asia. After holding successful annual conferences on those topics in Europe and North America, IDTechEx launched the first Asian version of ...
18 Oct 2010

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia

The fourth annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia event was held in Hong Kong in mid October. The event this year had much more of a commercialization flair - companies discussing product opportunities and technologies that can be moved to high volume production.
United Kingdom
18 Oct 2010

Printed electronics killer applications

Printed and partly printed electronics and electrics are not being applied to very expensive things or electronic things first. It is more about modernising printing more than it is about modernising electronics.