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Research Articles

United Kingdom, Worldwide
31 Oct 2011

Printed electronics invigorates old electronics

Most of the well-known objectives of printed electronics remain elusive because they are glamorous, Olympian dreams based on some very exciting demonstrations in laboratories.
United States, Worldwide
27 Oct 2011

Wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting coming together

Zero power wireless sensors are now available, which bring together new low power wireless ICs with energy harvesters (which harvest energy from heat, light or motion, for example) and the appropriate form of energy storage and conditioning.
27 Oct 2011

How to make money out of electric vehicles

Contrary to popular understanding, people have been making money out of electric vehicles for over 110 years. Unfortunately there have also been bankruptcies in the electric vehicle business in most of those years. The primary difference lies in market positioning not brilliant inventions, working long hours, automation of production, matching the size of your operation to the amount of business you can realistically gain - avoiding over and under-investment - and other aspects that come to mind. Those are sometimes important but always secondary. In market positioning, the two key factors are avoiding excessive competition, including rigged markets, and making what will be wanted in the years to come.
11 Oct 2011

Electric vehicle motors: a business in turmoil

In this article we share some of our research for the new IDTechEx report, Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2012-2022.