Research Articles

28 Feb 2013

Electric aircraft transforming the whole industry

Electric aircraft are an idea whose time has come. Electrically propelled manned aircraft are selling profitably today in small numbers. They take the form of pure electric fixed wing microlights and motorised hang gliders. At the other extreme, airliners that have electric nosewheels have arrived making them electric vehicles when on the ground, hugely reducing noise and air pollution and making them independent of tugs. Yet that is only the beginning and the story is now rapidly unfolding across the whole industry.
27 Feb 2013

Do commodity prices drive innovation in printed electronics?

The once rising price of indium generated an emerging TCF (Transparent Conductive Film) industry offering alternatives to ITO (indium tin oxide). The same is now happening with silver.
United Kingdom
25 Feb 2013

IDTechEx appoints new Senior Technology Analyst

IDTechEx have recently strengthened their research capabilities by appointing a new Senior Technology Analyst, Dr Wendy Kneissl.
Germany, Worldwide
20 Feb 2013

The latest on the $10 Billion 2013 OLED market - all at OLEDs LIVE!

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are coming in three waves.
14 Feb 2013

Outlook for smart packaging: $75 million to $1.45 billion in ten years

It has been a slow path to commercialize smart packaging. Despite strong needs such as the aging population, tougher legislation, huge waste, more demanding consumers and concerns about safety and crime; commercial success has been mixed.
Germany, Worldwide
13 Feb 2013

Energy harvesting comes to market

Energy harvesting - harvesting abundant energy from the environment to power small devices or assist larger devices - has secured a sure foot-hold in building and industrial markets, powering wireless sensors to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase automation.
13 Feb 2013

All eyes on Supercapacitors

Supercapacitors (ultracapacitors) are now center stage for designers of electronics and particularly power circuits. This is because they are improving faster than the batteries and electrolytic capacitors they increasingly replace. More subtly, they reduce the need for and danger from lithium-ion batteries. For example, when placed across a rechargeable battery, they protect it from fast charging and discharging and allow more of the energy in the battery to be utilised. Learn more ...
06 Feb 2013

Transparent conductive films, touch surfaces and haptics at TCF LIVE!

IDTechEx are pleased to launch TCF LIVE! - a new conference and tradeshow covering the latest technologies and application of transparent conductive films (TCF) - covering raw materials through to the full range of applications.
01 Feb 2013

Electric vehicles land, water and air in 2013 - PART TWO

In this article, we look at other aspects of what will and will not happen with electric vehicles land, water and air in 2013, whether they are hybrid or pure electric.