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Research Articles

31 Aug 2015

Status of flexible encapsulation to enable flexible electronics

In 2020 flexible barrier manufacturing for flexible electronic devices such as displays will be a market worth more than US$184 million according to IDTechEx Research. That equates to 3.8 million square meters of flexible barrier films for electronics.
28 Aug 2015

Wireless charging 2016-2026

IDTechEx Research's brand new report analyses and forecasts the wireless charging market for electric vehicles and small electronics.
27 Aug 2015

Only conference on the full range of energy harvesting

Energy harvesting spans microwatts to megawatts because it is the creation of electricity where it is needed using wind, sun, movement, heat difference, friction and other ambient energy.
United States
25 Aug 2015

RAIN RFID Alliance announces new partnerships

The RAIN RFID Alliance announced partnerships with two key organizations in the RFID industry. CNRFID and IDTechEx will join with RAIN to provide information and guidance to organizations involved in passive UHF RFID.
24 Aug 2015

Thermal interface materials enable faster, more efficient electronics

Proper selection of thermal interface materials is crucial for the efficiency of electronic devices, has been proven to reduce the cost of ownership, reduce system power consumption and increase operational lifetime.
21 Aug 2015

RFID in China: status and opportunities

In the new report, RFID in China 2015-2025, IDTechEx Research has identified over 150 Chinese companies supplying RFID and tracked how the industry in China will grow to become a $4.3 billion opportunity in 2025.
20 Aug 2015

Electric buses: technology winners and losers

A trillion dollar opportunity to 2035, electric buses are being completely reinvented because they are the electric vehicle sector already attracting billion dollar orders and they can prevent millions of deaths and injuries from air pollution.
20 Aug 2015

Multi-mode energy harvesting

It seems obvious; energy harvesting is intermittent, so combine different types to make it continuous and therefore much more useful.
19 Aug 2015

Webinar Thursday 3 Sept: Introduction to Thermal Interface Materials

IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Thursday 3 September 2015.
18 Aug 2015

High power energy harvesting takes shape

Plenty of kilowatts from no fuel. This dream ticket is a reality today from the rapid adoption of high power energy harvesting. Energy harvesting converts ambient energy into electricity where it is needed, off-grid.
13 Aug 2015

Energy harvesting gets powerful

The term 'energy harvesting' is most typically applied to powering small electronic devices using say sunshine, vibration or temperature.
12 Aug 2015

New battlegrounds emerge for conductive inks and pastes

Core applications of PV and touch panels continue to grow demand, but new opportunities emerge in the form of wearable technology, circuit boards and structural electronics.