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23 May 2024

Despite Concerns Rare Earth Free Motors Take a Back Seat in EVs

The sourcing of materials and components is becoming an increasingly discussed topic across multiple industries. One huge growth sector is the electric vehicle (EV) market, with IDTechEx predicting 4 fold growth in electric car sales over the next 10 years. Much of the conversation is focused on battery materials, but the rare earths used in the magnets in electric motors are another key concern.
23 May 2024

Which Real-World Use Cases for Quantum Computers Are Now on the Way?

The risk of missing out on the competitive advantage quantum computing offers is rising. Governments and private investors worldwide are placing multi-billion-dollar bets that the industry will produce huge long-term returns. Yet, for this to be realized, the theoretical advantage of quantum computers must be translated into real-world commercial value. In this article, IDTechEx explores which applications are being developed today across the materials, chemical, automotive, finance, and healthcare industries.
22 May 2024

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Construction, Agriculture and Mining

Thursday 6 June 2024 - Construction, Agriculture and Mining: Specialised Machines Require Specialised Batteries; Machine electrification in different CAM markets; Battery sizing and performance requirements across electric CAM machines; Cycle life requirements across different CAM machines; Upcoming battery technologies and how they fit in with the needs of electric CAM machines
22 May 2024

Which Substrate Tech Rules for 5G and 6G AiP?

Antenna packaging methodologies have evolved significantly to counter the escalating signal attenuation in high-frequency communications like 5G mmWave and anticipated 6G networks. Previously, antennas were positioned on PCBs; now, there's a shift towards integrating antennas directly onto the same package as the RF chip.
21 May 2024

Are Silicon Anodes the Key to Mass EV Adoption?

Maximizing energy density has been one key area of focus in electric vehicle battery development. Optimizations in cell and battery pack designs, alongside the use of higher nickel NMC and NCA cathodes, have led to steady improvement in battery energy density over the past 10-15 years.
20 May 2024

IDTechEx Release New Global Thermal Interface Materials Market Report

IDTechEx, a trusted provider of independent market intelligence, have released a new market report, "Thermal Interface Materials 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, and Forecasts". The report forecasts the global TIM market size will reach around US$7bn by 2034.
20 May 2024

Chemical Recycling Technology Bringing Value to Plastic Waste

In a world where fossil fuels are increasingly being avoided, and the mounting problem of plastic waste management intensifies, a new approach to plastic waste has attracted much attention. Advanced recycling technologies such as chemical recycling and the dissolution of plastic waste aim to increase the circularity of the plastics economy.
17 May 2024

Fast Communications - IDTechEx Explores 5G and 6G Telecoms

As the hunger for high-speed internet and constant connection increases, so too does the developments of 5G and 6G networks. The technology that makes this possible is happening right down in the small area of the antenna within the device, and low-loss materials and alternative substrates can offer ways of maintaining a strong connection.
17 May 2024

Key Business Models for Electrolyzer Firms in Green Hydrogen Projects

Green hydrogen production utilizes four main electrolyzer technologies: alkaline water electrolysis (AWE), proton exchange membrane (PEM), anion exchange membrane (AEM), and solid oxide electrolyzers (SOEC). Each technology has its own operational principles, performance characteristics, and commercial maturity.
16 May 2024

Examining the Sustainable Plastics Landscape at NPE 2024

The global plastics industry converged in Orlando, Florida, in the first week of May for NPE 2024, the first edition of the largest plastics trade show in the Americas in six years. With over 50,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors, many sectors and types of companies were represented, from plastic resin manufacturers to injection molding equipment suppliers to plastics distributors and much more.
16 May 2024

IDTechEx Explains the Pillars of Success in Materials Informatics

The impact of machine learning and data science techniques on the materials industry has grown exponentially since IDTechEx started covering the field of materials informatics in 2020, impacting the real world from lightweight alloys to new battery chemistries.
15 May 2024

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Photonic Integrated Circuits

Thursday 30 May 2024 - Photonic Integrated Circuits: Materials, Forecasts, and How AI Accelerator Demand Is Affecting the PIC Market - What is a photonic integrated circuit? What are current and future applications for PICs? An insight into IDTechEx's Total PIC Market Forecasts; How AI accelerator demand is affecting the PIC Transceivers market; The roadmap for the future of Datacom Transceivers; PIC Material Benchmarks and Forecasts