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Future Mobility Subscription

Stay ahead of the curve in the mobility market

An IDTechEx Future Mobility Subscription gives you access to all the on-going data and independent analysis on the mobility industry you need in one place. Access IDTechEx's extensive market intelligence research on electric vehicles, energy, autonomy, components and materials, and more, all through one on-demand online platform.

  • Over 10,000 original analyst-created slides across 50+ reports and 500+ premium articles
  • Long-term 10 - 20 year forecasts with historic data
  • Over 200 company profiles based on primary research interviews
  • Granular forecasts of over 20 materials used throughout the electric vehicle powertrain
  • Over 100 forecast lines across 50+ mobility markets

Future mobility trends

IDTechEx has been researching mobility trends for 20 years. In this time, electric vehicles have transitioned from quaint toy to a serious threat, attracting investment from every major automaker; drivers have been caught sleeping in self-driving vehicles; and flying electric taxis have started to leave the pages of science fiction. This is just the beginning.

None of these achievements would be possible without the huge advancements made to the underlying componentry and materials. From Li-ion batteries to LiDAR, there is plenty of innovation still to come as the industry strives to close the performance gap with internal combustion engines, increase safety, lower costs, and overcome regulatory barriers.

A subscription provides real time updates on these trends through in-depth data and analysis, market forecasts, company profiles, explanatory articles and more.

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Areas of coverage include:

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How can a subscription benefit you?

For over 20 years our clients have used IDTechEx insights to make strategic business decisions and grow their organizations. Here are just some of the ways our clients use the subscription services to meet their goals:

  • Identify and assess market opportunities
  • Analyze the competition and monitor industry news
  • Scout the technology innovation space
  • Meet potential partners and customers
  • Target resources towards specific areas
  • Drive roadmaps
Future Mobility Subscription includes: Company profiless, presentations, reports, events, analyst time, premium articles, forecasts, industry news

Why subscribe?

The IDTechEx Future Mobility Research Subscription is for those who intend to stay ahead of the curve, with a holistic view of the mobility sector. From megatrends to a deep analysis of componentry and materials, the research is driven by a highly technical analyst team.

Our clients tell us a subscription helps them to analyze market scales for business development activities, understand competing technologies and companies, save time for information gathering, and much more.

A subscription unlocks access the full body of IDTechEx market, technology and company data related to the mobility industry. You can build a package that works for your organization.

Contact our Future Mobility team at for more information.

Why IDTechEx?

  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the mobility industry
  • In-depth analysis for all categories of vehicle
  • Highly technical analysts embedded in the industry
  • A focus on primary research, getting key insights first
  • Independent view of the key trends driving the latest industry decisions
  • 20 years experience covering mobility trends
electric vehicles infographic showing forecasts by 2030 and 2040

Meet the experts

IDTechEx analysts are perfectly placed to provide critical market intelligence, combining technical understanding, industry contacts, impartiality and a big picture outlook on each technology that we cover.

A Future Mobility Subscription can include analyst advisory time and briefings, where our experts work directly with you to understand your key objectives and needs within the mobility industry. This can include:

  • Overview masterclasses
  • Update briefings
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Technology/product strategy workshops
  • Market intelligence skills training

Meet our analyst team and learn more about their expertise.

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