Electronic Skin Patches 2022 Roundup and 2023 Outlook

As the world adopts more wearable technology into our daily lives, the next generation of electronic wearables are ascending: the electronic skin patch. In many ways, electronic skin patches are the goal for wearable electronics, augmenting the wearer with minimal burden and maximum comfort. Interest in electronic skin patches began back in the early 2010s, and the industry has come a long way since. As the technology matures into the 2020s, a range of applications have grown significantly. In this webinar, IDTechEx discusses the state of the industry in 2022, and looks forwards at what's next for electronic skin patched in 2023 and beyond.
This webinar draws upon research from the new IDTechEx market report "Electronic Skin Patches 2023-2033" characterizes the markets, technologies, and players in electronic skin patches. With coverage across 13 application areas, historic electronic skin patch market data from 2010-2022 and electronic skin patch market forecasts from 2023 to 2033, it is the most comprehensive study compiled for this product area. It reveals a significant opportunity, with the electronic skin patch market forecast to grow to over US$27B by 2033.
In this webinar, IDTechEx will provide:
  • The value of wearable electronic skin patches in healthcare
  • Electronic skin patches 2022 roundup
  • Emerging applications of electronic skin patches
  • Electronic skin patches outlook for 2023 and beyond


Andy Ko
Andy Ko
Technology Analyst