What Will 2023 Hold for Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Discussion of the metaverse reached fever-pitch in early 2022, leading to increasing interest in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) headsets as the key gateways to this future vision of the internet. High-profile device releases generated major hype but worries of overemphasis on the metaverse sparked uncertainty. Taking in all that the most action-packed year for eXtended Reality (XR) yet means for its future is a difficult yet valuable task. IDTechEx has been analyzing the AR/VR hardware space since 2016, placing it ideally to make unbiased predictions for the next year of its evolution and beyond.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Sam Dale will give an outline of the state of XR in 2022 and how the following developments are expected to play out over the coming years:
  • How development in optics will help fuel the growth of XR devices for enterprise
  • How a rethink in product targeting is leading to the end of a troubled decade for consumer AR devices
  • How growing adoption of face tracking, eye tracking and more is marking the beginnings of more natural interactions between humans and machines
The IDTechEx master AR/VR report forecasts and predicts technology adoption of displays, optics, eye tracking and haptics in addition to headsets and accessories, as well as offering a data-based review of the evolution of XR device specifications and pricing. IDTechEx's AR/VR Optics report not only forecasts the adoption of twenty individual optical technologies, but also the material demands these technologies create. Both reports feature multiple interview-based company profiles from key industry players.