Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing: An Impending Revolution

A new wave of electronics manufacturing is on the horizon, driven forward by volatile energy prices and increasing demand for sustainability. With the electronics industry accounting for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, it requires substantial innovation to reduce its environmental footprint. Fortunately, this area has a lot of movement, with several potentially revolutionary technologies entering the scene. IDTechEx's report, "Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing 2023-2033", explores the key opportunities for sustainable innovation and the most promising new manufacturing approaches. The report concentrates on the fundamental building blocks of electronics - printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits (ICs).
In this webinar, Dr. Isabel Al-Dhahir, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will discuss the latest developments within low-emission PCB and IC manufacturing, focussing on methods and approaches that are cost-effective to implement and enable the future generation of flexible and sustainable electronics.
This webinar includes:
  • Discussion of the incentives and opportunities of embracing sustainable electronics manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing approaches for printed circuit boards
  • Novel approaches to manufacturing integrated circuits
  • What are key players doing to improve sustainability?
  • Roadmaps for the adoption of sustainable materials and processes
More detailed information, including the full market forecasts, can be in found in IDTechEx's extensive report on the topic, "Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing 2023-2033". This report analyses the many innovations aiming to make electronics manufacturing more sustainable and how they are being deployed. It examines the current status and latest trends and identifies the key challenges, competition, and innovation opportunities within sustainable electronics manufacturing.


Dr Isabel Al-Dhahir
Dr Isabel Al-Dhahir
Technology Analyst