In-Mold Electronics: Opportunities for Integrated Functionality

In-mold electronics (IME) is an emerging manufacturing methodology that promises decorative surfaces with embedded electronic functionality such as backlit capacitive touch sensors. Building on the established in-mold decorating (IMD) approach, it combines screen printed conductive ink and mounted components within a thermoformed and injection molded part.
This 'integrated functionality' in principle offers many benefits, such as reduced size and weight, simpler supply chains, and more straightforward assembly. These in turn mean that IME parts offer sustainability improvements over conventional approaches to producing decorative functional surfaces. As such, IME has received extensive interest from OEMs across multiple sectors, and from materials suppliers.
However, despite these benefits, industry enthusiasm, and an addressable market that spans from automotive and aircraft interiors to medical devices, IME faces competition from other emerging but less integrated approaches such as functional foil bonding.
In this webinar Dr Matthew Dyson, a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will discuss the following topics:
  • The status of IME and competing approaches for creating functional and decorative interfaces across multiple application sectors.
  • The challenges and benefits associated with functionality integration, and how the value proposition of IME is likely to grow over time.
  • IME specific material requirements, especially for conductive inks.
  • A roadmap for IME adoption, segmented by industry.
The webinar content is taken from the new IDTechEx report "In-Mold Electronics 2023-2033". This report analyses the technology and market opportunities associated with this emerging manufacturing methodology. Drawing on over 20 company profiles, the majority based on interview, this report evaluates the technical processes, material requirements, applications, and competing methodologies associated with IME and competing methodologies such as functional film bonding. It includes 10-year market forecasts by technology and application sector, expressed as both revenue and IME panel area.


Dr Matthew Dyson
Dr Matthew Dyson
Principal Technology Analyst