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Conference Agenda

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013



Printed Electronics

  Opening Keynotes
08:40 IDTechEx
Printed Electronics: Show me the Money!
Mr Raghu Das, CEO
United Kingdom
09:00 Lifescan - a Johnson & Johnson Company
The Challenge of Mass-Producing High Performance Blood Glucose Sensors
Mr Scott Sloss, Principal Engineer - Core Science and Engineering
Lifescan - a Johnson & Johnson Company
United Kingdom
09:25 Autodesk Consumer Group
Printed Optics: Displays, Sensors, and Illumination for Future Interactive Objects and Devices
Dr Karl Willis, Principal Research Engineer
Autodesk Consumer Group
United States
09:50 Acuity Brands Lighting Inc
New Developments in OLED Lighting
Mr Mike Lu, Director OLED Technology
Acuity Brands Lighting Inc
United States
10:15 TOTAL S.A. - Gas & Power
Chances of Success for Organic PV in the Dominancy of Crystalline Silicon
Dr Marc Vermeersch, Solar Technology & Strategy - Senior Advisor
TOTAL S.A. - Gas & Power
10:40 Break
11:20 End User Forum
End User Forum
Colgate-Palmolive / DECATHLON / Procter & Gamble
End User Forum
11:45 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH
OLED Development at OSRAM: Achievements, Trends and Perspectives
Dr Thomas Wehlus, Senior R&D Manager
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH
12:10 NASA
Carbon Nanotube Based Printed Electronics
Dr Jin-Woo Han, Printed Electronics Project
United States
12:35 Printed Electronics Awards
13:00OLED vs LED LightingLunch
High-Efficiency White OLED with Build-up Light Extraction Substrate Technology (BLES) for Lighting Application
Dr Takuya Komoda, R&D Planning Office, Eco Solutions Company
The LEC, a Low-Cost Alternative to the OLED
Dr Andreas Sandström, CTO
15:20Cree Components
LEDs and OLEDs Coexist and Excel in Different Applications
Vachik Javadian, Americas FAE Director
Cree Components
United States
15:45Konica Minolta Inc
A Novel Highly Conductive Printed Electrode for Large-area OLED Lighting
Mr Toshiyuki Matsumura, Manager
Konica Minolta Inc
 OLED Displays 
16:45Cambridge Display Technology Ltd
Progress with all Printed Flexible OLED Displays
Dr Fredrik Jakobsson, Senior Scientist, Device Physics
Cambridge Display Technology Ltd
United Kingdom
17:10EMagin Corporation
The eMagin OLED Advantage for Microdisplay Applications
Mr Andrew Sculley, President & CEO
EMagin Corporation
United States
 Scaling OLED Manufacturing 
17:35Aixtron SE
Scaling up Production of OLEDs - Costs, Challenges and New Developments
Mr Juergen Kreis, Director Business Development
Aixtron SE
18:00Kateeva, Inc.
Scaling OLED Manufacturing to G8 with Inkjet
Dr Conor Madigan, CEO
Kateeva, Inc.
United States
18:25Day 1 ends 

Thursday, 21 Nov 2013



 OLEDs Materials Development
OLED Displays, Lighting, Barriers and TCT's: Markets and Technologies
Mr Raghu Das, CEO
United Kingdom
09:25IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
OLEDs on Graphene Electrodes and c-Si TFTs for Flexible Lighting and Display
Mr Ning Li, Research Staff Member
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
United States
09:50EMD Chemicals
Soluble Systems - Closing the Gap with Evaporable OLED Materials
Ms Michele Ricks, Business Development Manager
EMD Chemicals
United States
10:15Cynora GmbH
Optoelectronic Solutions for OLEDs
Dr Tobias Grab, CEO
Cynora GmbH
 Quantum Dot Displays
11:15Nanoco Technologies Ltd
Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dots for Displays, Lighting and Solar Applications
Dr Margaret Hines,
Nanoco Technologies Ltd
United States
 Barrier Technologies
11:40Corning Incorporated
Flexible Glass Enabling Advanced Product Applications and Next Generation Manufacturing
Mr Casey Kang, Commercial Technology Manager
Corning Incorporated
United States
12:05Schott AG - Advanced Optics
Ultra-Thin Glass as a High Performance Substrate
Dr Ulrich Peuchert, R&D Manager
Schott AG - Advanced Optics
12:303M Display & Graphics Business Lab
Barrier Films for Displays, Lighting, & Flexible Electronics
Dr Fred McCormick, Senior Research Specialist
3M Display & Graphics Business Lab
United States
 Bi-Stable Displays
14:05Opalux Incorporated
Low-power, Flexible, Color-Tunable Surfaces
Dr Andre Arsenault, Chief Technology Officer
Opalux Incorporated
14:30Kent Displays Inc
Flexible Bistable Reflex Displays and Applications
Dr Erica Montbach, Manager, R&D
Kent Displays Inc
United States
 Printed Electronics Devices and Developments
14:55Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
High Power, Flexible Electronics
Dr Afarin Bellisario, Technology Licensing Officer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
United States
15:20Imprint Energy, Inc.
Printed Ultra-Thin, High Capacity, Zinc Rechargeable Batteries
Dr Devin MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer
Imprint Energy, Inc.
United States
15:45Terepac Corp.
Flexible Silicon for the Internet of Things
Dr Jayna Sheats, CTO
Terepac Corp.
 Closing Keynotes
16:40Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Development of Innovative Thin-Film Electronics in China for Displays and Beyond
Prof Xiaojun Guo, Professor
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
17:05Nissha USA
Nissha's Recent Developments in PE Field - Where Trend Meets Printing Technology
Dr Takahiro Suzuki, Principal Engineer
Nissha USA
United States
The Secret to Printed Electronics Growth - Collaboration
Mr John Voultos, Business Development Mngr Microcircuit Materials
United States
17:55Day 2 ends

Thursday November 21, 2013

OLEDs Materials Development (09:00 - 10:40)

09:00 - 09:25 "OLED Displays, Lighting, Barriers and TCT's: Markets and Technologies"
09:25 - 09:50 "OLEDs on Graphene Electrodes and c-Si TFTs for Flexible Lighting and Display"
 Graphene electrodes for OLEDs
 OLEDs on graphene with general lighting performance
 Controlled spalling technology to release thin c-Si
 c-Si TFTs suitable for flexible display backplane
09:50 - 10:15 "Soluble Systems - Closing the Gap with Evaporable OLED Materials"
• Approach to soluble systems
• Improved performance from hybrid devices
• Performance comparison with vapor deposition
10:15 - 10:40 "Optoelectronic Solutions for OLEDs"
10:40 Break


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