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For a list of IDTechEx research on Energy Harvesting and allied technologies, see www.IDTechEx.com/research.

alt="Quantum Dots: Progress, Challenges And Future In LED Lighting"
Quantum Dots: Progress, Challenges And Future In LED Lighting
In this article, we discuss the challenges and prospects faced by QDs in the general lighting market. This article draws from the report "Quantum Dot Materials and Technologies 2020-2030: Trends, Markets, Players".
alt="Integrated Device Printed Directly Onto Label"
Integrated Device Printed Directly Onto Label
CPI's Printable Electronics Centre is a design, development and prototyping facility. We provide support in bringing new printable electronics products and processes to market quickly by offering facilities and expertise that help reduce our clients' level of R&D risk and capital investment. Taking advantage of our state of the art deposition, patterning and printing equipment leads to faster, more efficient development and production enabling clients to enter new markets quickly and with minimal risk. CPI can accelerate new product development by providing access to proven performance conducting, semiconductor, resistive materials and inks.
Internet of Things: Lessons from EAS and RFID
Anti-theft tags (Electronic Article Surveillance) and Radio Frequency Identification RFID have much in common with the newer concept.
Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh visited OLEDWorks in Aachen, North Germany, to meet with Dr Wolfgang Goergen, Managing Director of the OLEDWorks GmbH. OLEDWorks is the last man standing in the field of OLED lighting production.
alt="Quantum Dots: The Long Road Towards Emissive QLEDs"
Quantum Dots: The Long Road Towards Emissive QLEDs
In this article, IDTechEx highlight the trends, challenges, and innovation opportunities, shedding light on the likely technology roadmap towards QLED.
Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) is a major producer of LED and other lighting for professionals, consumers and IoT technology. With €6.4 billion in sales in 2018 and 29,000 employees, it claims to be the world's largest lighting company. The company was spun out from Koninklijke Philips in 2016. This profile discusses Signify and its relevance to the vertical farming industry.
alt="Medical Grade Printed LED Can Cure Pain"
Medical Grade Printed LED Can Cure Pain
NthDegree manufactures revolutionary printed lights using micro LEDs.
alt="Sherpa Space"
Sherpa Space
Sherpa Space is a Korean company that produces advanced lighting systems for greenhouse growing based on quantum dot tuneable LED technology. Using its Sherpa Light technology, the company can replicate sunlight from any point on the planet, providing plants with perfect growing conditions. In January 2020, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Young Kim from Sherpa Space.
alt="Adobe's new transparent display"
Adobe's new transparent display
Adobe Research team is pushing the boundaries with an early-stage mixed reality exploration called Project Glasswing. An experimental display prototype, Project Glasswing explores the possibility of bringing Adobe's design tools to the physical world, creating the illusion of a Photoshop, After Effects or XD layer appearing in space in front of 3D real objects, without the need for phones or special glasses.
alt="Researchers are developing an efficient OLED consisting of one layer"
Researchers are developing an efficient OLED consisting of one layer
Organic light-emitting diodes are components that no longer consist of compounds containing the semiconducting material gallium, but of so-called organic compounds in which carbon is a main component. Compared to conventional light-emitting diodes, however, the luminosity and lifetime of OLEDs are currently lower, which is why they represent a current field of research.