Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon


Organic, Inorganic, Flexible, Printed: solar innovation, new markets

Solar energy is receiving worldwide attention. The photovoltaics industry is rapidly expanding with manufacturing plants of increased capacity and implementations materializing.
Promising innovative processes and materials are being studied. Companies all over the world are exploring the potential for improved cell efficiencies, moving away from conventional silicon technology. These new technologies promise flexibility, printability and lower manufacturing, implementation and maintenance costs.
IDTechEx will be exploring the new technologies and emerging markets that are opening up at our newest conference IDTechEx Photovoltaics USA on June 17-18 in Denver, Colorado.
Don't miss the opportunity to gather essential technology information and investigate investment opportunities on the photovoltaics field.

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Sarah Lee
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Harry Zervos
Technology Analyst Beyond Conventional Silicon
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IDTechEx Photovoltaics: Beyond Conventional Silicon USA 08 includes:
20+ presentations by speakers both from the industry and from leading research institutes.
Also, alongside the main conference you will have the opportunity to attend:
Masterclasses: Led by industry and academic experts these seminars are designed to enhance your knowledge in of photovoltaics and related technologies whether a beginner or in search of more in-depth knowledge in the field.
Investment Forum: A session that takes place in the afternoon of the first day of the main conference, bringing together venture capitalists / investors and PV companies seeking investment covering market needs, growth and opportunities in photovoltaic technology beyond conventional silicon.
Local company tours: Visiting local company facilities in the Denver area in Colorado, providing further insight into the latest developments in photovoltaics
The commercial exhibition: Companies from around the world will demonstrate their products and services and provide an excellent networking opportunity for all delegates.
For more information please contact Dr Harry Zervos at
Photovoltaics "Beyond Conventional Silicon" USA - Focusing on flexible, printed, organic & inorganic technologies. Innovative solutions that open up immense new markets.

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