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23 May 2022Australia
Night Time Solar Technology Can Now Deliver Power in the Dark
12 May 2022United States
3D Printed, Self-Propelled, Endlessly Programmable Artificial Cilia
25 Apr 2022United States
Flexible Printable Electrical Patches for Accelerated Wound Healing
22 Mar 2022United States
10,000 Patient Eyes Examined with Wearable AR/VR Diagnostic Platform
15 Mar 2022United Kingdom
Drug Incorporated Into Silicone Coating Reduces Reaction to Implants
4 Mar 2022
Smart Devices Require Smarts
22 Feb 2022United States
Successful Implantation of Wireless Visual Prosthesis Brain Implant
20 Jan 2022Taiwan
Tiny Electric Generators Could Accelerate Wound Healing
1 Dec 2021United States
Researchers Shrink Camera to the Size of a Salt Grain
29 Nov 2021United States
Ultra-Thin 'Computer on the Bone' Monitors Bone Health
26 Oct 2021
Where is the Momentum in Wearables in 2021?
10 Sep 2021United States
Dental Implant Generates Electricity by Chewing to Repair Tissue
12 Aug 2021
The Killer App For Smart Textiles
7 Jul 2021United States
Self Powered Implantable Device Stimulates Bone Healing, Disappears
18 Jun 2021United Kingdom
3D Printed Custom Medical Devices with Bacterial Resistance
28 May 2021United States
Technology to Monitor Mental Wellbeing Right at Your Fingertips
18 May 2021United States
Smart Bandage Diagnoses Infection
3 May 2021United States
Wearable Glucose Monitors Provide New Insights into Type 2 Diabetes
30 Mar 2021
Reversing the Move to Cities
11 Mar 2021United States
Contactless Monitoring of Heart Rhythm Using Smart Speakers