15 Sep 2022United States
Painless Microneedle Tattoos That Can be Self-Administered
19 Aug 2022United States
New Wearable Sensor Detects Even More Compounds in Human Sweat
2 Aug 2022United States
Stickers That Can See Inside the Body
30 Jun 2022Japan
Wearable Chemical Sensor is Good as Gold
27 Jun 2022United States
Blood Pressure E-Tattoo Promises Continuous, Mobile Monitoring
17 May 2022United States
Wearable to Continuously Monitor Glucose, Alcohol and Lactate
13 May 2022United States
Tattoo-like Sensors Reveal Blood Oxygen Levels
11 May 2022Australia
Flexible Printed Batteries Generate Electricity from Moisture
9 May 2022United States
New Wearable Technology - For Plants
25 Apr 2022United States
Flexible Printable Electrical Patches for Accelerated Wound Healing
19 Apr 2022Europe
A Wearable for Monitoring Prenatal Health at Home
30 Mar 2022United States
An Elastic Light-Emitting Polymer for Stretchable, Wearable Displays
2 Mar 2022United States
Ultrathin Films for Stretchable and Sturdy Bioelectronic Membranes
28 Feb 2022United States
Squid Skin Inspires UV Radiation Sensing Wearable
17 Feb 2022United States
Smartwatch Measures Key Stress Hormone
3 Feb 2022United States
Insulin Patch Sticks Inside a Person's Cheek
26 Jan 2022Australia
Battery Ink Cells Generate Electricity from Interaction with Moisture
22 Dec 2021United Kingdom
Platform for Controlled Design of Printed Electronics with 2D Material
10 Dec 2021United States
Wearable Sensor Measures Airborne Nicotine Exposure From E-Cigarettes
10 Nov 2021Korea
Sweat-Collecting Patch Inspired by Cactus Spines