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30 Jun 2022United States
Autonomous Vehicle Gets Approval to Operate on US Public Road
23 Jun 2022United States
Uncrewed Survey and Inspection Vehicle for Offshore Wind Market
22 Jun 2022Israel
Israel Ministry of Defence to Test Robotic Unmanned Vehicle
21 Jun 2022
Factory of the Future
13 Jun 2022United States
Mayflower Autonomous Ship Has Reached North America
8 Jun 2022China
Geespace Successfully Launches First Nine Satellites
7 Jun 2022Korea
World First Autonomous Transoceanic Voyage of a Large Merchant Ship
3 Jun 2022United States
Automated Drones Could Scare Birds off Agricultural Fields
23 May 2022United Kingdom
Royal Mail Plans 50 New Postal Drone Routes
23 May 2022United States
AI to Help Autonomous Vehicles Avoid Idling at Red Lights
20 May 2022Germany
Volocopter Collaborates with Microsoft on VoloIQ Aerospace Cloud
3 May 2022United States
Autonomous Race Car Sets New Land Speed Record
29 Apr 2022China
Public Driverless Robotaxi Service in Beijing
27 Apr 2022
World-First Hub for Flying Taxis, Air-One, Opens in UK
26 Apr 2022United Kingdom
UK's First Full-Size Autonomous Passenger Bus Takes to the Road
13 Apr 2022United States
Lockheed Martin Stalker VXE UAS in World Record 39-Hour Flight
8 Apr 2022France
Atlantic Ocean Crossing by a Solar-Electric Autonomous Vessel
6 Apr 2022
Why Do More People Use Mobile Robots in Their Warehouses?
17 Mar 2022United States
Eye-Safe, Herbicide-Free, Carbon Neutral Weeding System
15 Mar 2022Germany
Audi to Transform Automobile Into Experience Platform for VR