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11 May 2022Australia
Flexible Printed Batteries Generate Electricity from Moisture
5 Apr 2022Korea
Stretchable and Printable Free-Form Lithium-Ion Batteries
11 Feb 2022United Kingdom
Flexible and Stretchy Supercapacitors Could Boost Battery Life for IoT
1 Feb 2022Russia, United States
Tonnes of Used Face Masks to Be Turned into Energy
15 Dec 2021Singapore
Batteries of the Future Could be Paper-Thin and Biodegradable
17 Aug 2021Singapore
Stretchable Battery That is Powered by Sweat
29 Mar 2021Germany
More Than 14 Million Euros for Flexible Battery Research
11 Mar 2021United States
Wearable Microgrid Uses the Human Body to Power Small Gadgets
15 Dec 2020United States
Flexible, Screen Printed Rechargeable Battery with 10 Times More Power
28 Oct 2020Australia
Flexible Self-Charging Battery Under Development
10 Aug 2020Switzerland
Blackstone Passes Crucial Milestones for Printed Next Gen Batteries
20 Feb 2020United Kingdom
Fast-Charging, Long-Running, Bendy Energy Storage Breakthrough
28 Jan 2020United States
New Stretchable Battery Can Power Wearable Electronics
24 Jan 2020
Printed Flexible Silver Circuits
16 Dec 2019Korea
How Light a Foldable and Long-Lasting Battery can be
21 Oct 2019Worldwide
New Form Factors for Energy Storage Batteries
26 Sep 2019Switzerland
A battery that can be bent, stretched and twisted
6 May 2019France
Stand-alone contact lens with a flexible micro battery
25 Jul 2018Australia
World's fastest charging battery
23 Jul 2018China
Flexible micro-batteries developed for smart wearable electronics