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12 Jul 2022Worldwide
Future Smart Homes Powered With Electronics Built on Stones
23 May 2022United Kingdom
Low Cost Battery-Like Device Absorbs CO2 Emissions While it Charges
10 Mar 2022United States
Lightweight Supercapacitor-Battery Hybrid is Strong as Steel
1 Mar 2022Sweden
Potential Breakthrough for Production of Superior Battery Technology
18 Feb 2022United States
A New Technique for Making Wearable Sensors
11 Feb 2022United Kingdom
Flexible and Stretchy Supercapacitors Could Boost Battery Life for IoT
1 Feb 2022Russia, United States
Tonnes of Used Face Masks to Be Turned into Energy
31 Jan 2022Korea
Eco-Friendly Micro-Supercapacitors Using Fallen Leaves
11 Nov 2021United Kingdom
The Hidden Behaviour of Supercapacitor Materials
25 Aug 2021Germany
Smallest Biosupercapacitor Provides Energy for Biomedical Applications
6 Jul 2021United States
Graphene-Based Nano-Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Supercapacitors
14 Jun 2021United Kingdom
New Generation of Supercapacitors to Electrify Green Transportation
24 May 2021United States
Fully Ridable E-Motorbike Prototype Ready for Summer
30 Mar 2021United States
3D Printed Porous Carbon Aerogels for Space Exploration
22 Mar 2021United States
Inexpensive Tin Packs a Punch for Future Supercapacitors
4 Feb 2021Australia
Super Solution in Hybrid Capacitor Development
5 Jan 2021Germany
Powerful Graphene Hybrid Material for Highly Efficient Supercapacitors
28 Dec 2020China
Waste to Treasure: Crayfish Shells to Store Energy
9 Dec 2020United States
Stretchable Micro-Supercapacitors to Self-Power Wearable Devices
17 Sep 2020United States
Plant Based Supercapacitors Could Quickly Charge Devices