28 - 29 Sep 2023
Berlin, Germany

Event Summary

The organisers say "The global demand for battery condition information is growing rapidly with the fast shift to electromobility. Critical to this is developing and choosing the right BMS, creating innovative EV battery tech, discussing the latest technical advancements in hybrid and electric drives, and reducing product costs, market trends, legislation, and materials, has never been more important for the automotive industry in the fast transition to electromobility. Directed at executives, technical leaders, advanced engineers, practitioners, and experts involved in electric vehicle battery development the event brings together over 150 of the most influential technical EV Battery & BMS experts and executives from leading European automotive companies transforming the electric vehicle ecosystem in Berlin!" IDTechEx Technology Analyst Shazan Siddiqi will be speaking on "Why China is making giant leaps towards sodium-ion battery commercialisation" as part of the conference, at 4pm on Friday September 29. The event is co-located with Automotive E-Motor Tech, where IDTechEx Principal Analyst Dr James Edmondson will be speaking on "EV Electric Motor Market and Routes to Rare Earth Elimination", at 9am on Thursday September 28.

IDTechEx Attendees 3

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