Green Hydrogen Production & Electrolyzer Market 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Forecasts

Water electrolyzer systems for green hydrogen production are seeing continued technological innovation and improvement, with significant efforts and funding pouring into development of green hydrogen projects worldwide. IDTechEx is continuing its research into the green hydrogen space with this update of the Green Hydrogen Production: Electrolyzer Markets report released in 2023. This 2024 version provides more in-depth analysis of the four main technologies (AWE, PEMEL, AEMEL & SOEC), including more detailed information on operating principles, system performance characteristics, materials & components, balance of plant requirements (BOP), system case studies as well as key advantages and limitations of technologies. IDTechEx significantly expanded the electrolyzer system & stack supplier lists and system specifications across all four technologies. Project case studies, analysis of business models, and more nuanced considerations for the cost of green hydrogen production have been added. A database of electrolyzer suppliers, commercial systems specifications and planned electrolyzer manufacturing installations is provided with this report.

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