Bringing End Users and Suppliers Together
10 - 11 May 2017 | Berlin, Germany

10-11 May 2017, Berlin. The only event focused on the commercialisation of printed, organic and flexible electronics. Meet customers, do business. The world's largest event series on printed, organic and flexible electronics assesses end-user requirements, the latest diverse technology capability and all the opportunities.

Hear what exhibitors think of the printed electronics industry. Watch Now.

Our mission

  • Focus on end-user needs and sector requirements: case studies, requirements, opportunities
  • Clarify the latest technology and product developments and their roadmaps: capabilities, costs, plans
  • Clear market insight and sector appraisal: profitability, market sizing
  • Network with large numbers of end-users/adopters
  • Full coverage of related markets through relevant co-located events

What is Printed Electronics?

Printed Electronics is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. It is of vital interest to industries as diverse as consumer goods, healthcare, aerospace, electronics, media and transit. It is allowing electronics to be used in places it has never been before and it is improving existing electronics and electrics. This event, attended by more buyers than any other, is your information and networking hub on the topic. The international exhibition, with more than 200 exhibitors, covers all the technologies throughout the entire supply chain across all major component types.

The IDTechEx Show!

Printed Electronics Europe is part of the IDTechEx Show! A series of synergistic events on wearable, sensors, IoT, 3D Printing, Graphene & 2D materials, energy storage, electric vehicles and energy harvesting. Each of these is a full two-day executive conference with a common exhibition. We co-locate these events because there is strong overlap across these topics, exposing you to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases, saving you time and money from attending separate events.

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What are the highlights of this year's show?
Watch the video to find out.


I think this show is one of the best tools to bridge the gap between industry capabilities and end users' needs, to have technology and solutions find a common path


Very interesting, a great opportunity to exchange in the same day with R&D, startup, production and user companies!


As always, great organisation, interesting talks and a wide variety. The combination with Energy Harvesting and Storage was very useful. It gave insight in a different area.


This event provides access to the key decision makers we want to inform about our business.

Haydale Ltd

It is a very informative event which tells the technology developers the trends of industry and market, so that people like me are more aware of where to put our R&D efforts.

Suzhou Institute of Nanotech
  • OLED versus LED Lighting
  • OLED Displays
  • Reflective Display Technology
  • The Energy Storage Gold Rush
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
  • Logic and Memory
  • Printed Conductors
  • Global Market Analysis
  • Touch Sensors and Screens
  • Internet of Things
  • Structural Electronics
  • 3D Printed Electronics
  • System Integration
  • Haptics and Actuators
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Architecture and Built Environment
  • Transportation
  • Textiles
  • Healthcare


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