Bringing End Users and Suppliers Together
10 - 11 April 2019 | Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany

Agenda Topics

Agenda Topics / 11 April 2018

3D Printing
Graphene Applications
Electric Vehicles Keynotes
Progress from Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
Off Grid
Off Grid Zero Emission Systems
Wind and Water Energy and Desalination
Energy Storage Keynotes
Advanced Li-ion Batteries
Beyond-Li-ion Batteries

Smart Cities: Case Studies and Applications
Printed Electronics Keynotes
Structural Electronics and 3D Printed Electronics
Hybrid Electronics and 3D Printed Electronics
Flexible and Printed Sensors
Next-Generation Human-Machine Interaction (HMI)
Towards Consumer Healthcare Devices
AR/MR/VR: Headsets and Applications

Agenda Topics / 12 April 2018

Advances with 3D Printing with Plastics
3D Printing with Metals
3D Printing: Bio and Medical
Enabling Technologies For 3D Printing
Next Generation Electric Vehicle Motors , Power Trains and Charging
Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
Lightweighting for Electric Vehicles
Radical New Microgrids
New High Power Photovoltaics - Solar Roads, Solar Windows
Wind and Water Energy & Desalination
Downsized Blue Energy - River, Tide, Waves
Energy Storage for Off Grid
Batteries for Medical Applications
Energy Storage and Graphene
Enabling Technologies for Energy Storage
IoT Connectivity
Cyber Security
RFID in Industry 4.0
Digital Healthcare
Display and Lighting Innovations
Printed and Flexible Electronics Materials and Manufacturing
New Material Advances
Printed Electronics Systems and Smart Packaging
Sensor Innovations for Consumer Electronics, EV and Robotics
Energy Harvesting Technical Developments
Wearables in Healthcare
Medical Biosensors
Stretchable Electronics and E-Textiles