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Sponsorship & Tradeshow Opportunities

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Exhibitor Sales Brochure

Exhibitor Sales Brochure


Tradeshow Opening Hours

Wednesday November 30
10.00am - Tradeshow opens
  7:00pm - Tradeshow Closes
Thursday December 1
10.00am - Tradeshow opens
  4:30pm - Tradeshow Closes

Do you want to reach a market predicted to be worth $ 300Bn* in 20 yearts?
Start now by exhibiting and sponsoring an IDTechEx event in 2011

Why Exhibit or Sponsor?

Now in its 8th year, Printed Electronics USA brings together end users, product developers, manufacturers, system integrators and materials company at the world’s largest technology showcase and keynote conference on the subject.

» Acknowledged by the Industry as USA's largest and longest established event, attended by the crème of the industry
»   More end users attend than at an other
»   Meet and do business with over 900 - 1200+ unique attendees from 35+ countries. CEO/VP/Senior Executive Level
»   Rapid attendance and exhibitor growth each year
»   Be seen as a key player at the forefront of the industry
»   Reach over 250,000+ decision makers through alignment in our marketing and pr campaign
»   A truly Global event with attendees and exhibitors from throughout the value chain
»   Best- value exhibition packages
»   Online networking pre-show, start to do business as soon as you sign up
»   Post your press releases free on the most read news portal for the industry www.printedelectronicsworld.com
»   Subsidised exhibit packages for start-up's and academic institutions
»   Discounts if you book our sister events Printed Electronics Europe and Printed Electronics Asia
»   Keynote Conference, Free Trade Show Theatre, Masterclasses, Gala Awards Dinner, Local Tours and more.

We Want You! Book your stand today!
Exhibit@IDTechEx.com?subject=Exhibition stands inquiry. PE_Europe_12
Delivering more end user attendees than any other event, Printed Electronics/ Photovoltaics USA is dedicated to organic, inorganic and printed technologies.
The top industry players will be in Santa Clara driving the global development of the new electronics era.
With over 80 presentations, tradeshow, masterclasses, tours, awards and networking dinner, you'll find a wealth of technologies and solutions from around the world in Santa Clara.

Who attends IDTechEx events?


One event covering the entire value chain including:

Radical New Printed Electronics Products
Healthcare & Bionic Man
Smart Substrates & Stretchable Electronics
Thin/Flexible Batteries
Conformal/Flexible Displays
Transistors & Logic
Roll-to-Roll Manufacture Challenges/Opportunities
Digital Printing
Stretchable Electronics for Clothing
Conductive Materials
Organic & Inorganic Semiconductors
Graphene Carbon Nanotubes
Sensors & Actuators

By nationality

IDTechEx events are truly international - with representation from 30+ countries at each event.  

Attendees by business sector:

* DSI - Device System Integrators
DSI 20%
Manufacturing 20%
Materials 19%
End Usres 18%
Academic 10%
Government 5%
Consultancy 4%
VC 4%

Attendees by region:

USA 60%
Europe 20%
Asia 20%

Attendees by job title:

Senior Executive 45%
CEO 25%
Director/VP 25%
Other 5%

Attendee increase

Combined Events

Exhibitor increase

Combined Events

Leading organisations on the market

IDTechEx www.idtechex.com is an independent leading authority on the market. Our research is the most quoted in the industry. We have been running tradeshows in the RFID and Printed Electronics sectors for the past 11 years. As an independent, we are able to partner with the broadest industry associations and publications globally increasing the visibility of the event and maximising your reach to your target markets. Winner of the 2006 Queens Award for Trade and celebrating over 11 years of excellence, you can trust IDTechEx to deliver.

How to book

Please contact the sales team on + 44 1223 813 703 or + 1 617 577 7890 (USA), or e-mail Exhibit@IDTechEx.com.

Floor Plan


Exhibitor Sales Brochure

Floor Plan Exhibitor Sales Brochure