World's Largest Event on Printed & Flexible Electronics
November 20 - 21, 2019 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

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November 20-21 2019, Santa Clara. Bringing end users and suppliers together. Assessing end user requirements, the latest diverse technology capability and all the opportunities of printed, flexible and hybrid electronics.

Event Focus

  • End-user requirements: case studies, needs, opportunities
  • Latest technology and product roadmaps, capabilities, costs
  • Clear market insights: profitability, market sizing
  • Network with over 3,500 attendees
  • Coverage of intersecting technologies in relevant co-located events

What is Printed Electronics?

Printed Electronics offers four key benefits:

  • New forms of electronics - such as flexible displays and electronics on 3D structures;
  • Larger area electronics such as sensor arrays;
  • Higher performance devices in some cases such as OLED displays;
  • Potentially lower cost electronics enabling ubiquitous IoT and smart packaging

Printed electronics comprises of many enabling materials, equipment and components, from mature technologies such as OLED displays to emerging sectors such as structural electronics.

If you are involved in the electronics industry you owe it to yourself and your company to explore you opportunities in this growing disruptive sector at the World's largest event on the topic - your key information and networking hub.

The international exhibition, with more than 250 exhibitors, covers all the technologies throughout the entire supply chain across all major component types.

The IDTechEx Show!

Printed Electronics USA is part of the IDTechEx Show! A series of synergistic events on wearable, sensors, internet of things, graphene & 2D materials, energy storage, electric vehicles. Each of these is a full two-day executive conference with a common exhibition. We co-locate these events because there is strong overlap across these topics, exposing you to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases, saving you time and money from attending separate events.

See all events at the IDTechEx Show!

Printed Electronics

  • Printed Electronics Keynotes
  • Printed Electronics in Vehicles: New Design Capabilities
  • Printed Electronics in Healthcare, Infrastructure and Media
  • Hybrid Electronics: Systems, Processes and Materials
  • Printed Electronics Manufacturing Advances
  • Smart Packaging and Integrated Systems
  • 3D Printed Electronics and In Mold Electronics


  • Conductive Inks: New Capabilities and New Applications
  • Printing Developments and Breakthroughs
  • Flexible Transparent Conductive Films and Barriers
  • Flexible, Foldable OLED and Quantum Dot Displays
  • Flexible, Foldable Reflective, MicroLED displays and Lighting
  • Flexible and Novel Energy Harvesting Technologies

Graphene & 2D Materials

  • Graphene Keynotes
  • Graphene Manufacturers: Pushing Commercial Applications and Volumes
  • CVD Graphene: Manufacture, Integration and Application
  • Graphene Applications - High Volume
  • Alternative Routes: Advanced Carbons and Graphene Production
  • Academic Overview: Key Graphene Advancements
  • Graphene Applications - Emerging Opportunities


  • Sensors Keynotes
  • Point-of-Care Biosensors
  • Sensors for Imaging and 3D Sensing
  • Gas Sensors
  • Flexible, Stretchable, Printed and Large Area Sensors
  • HMI Sensing Innovations


  • Wearable Keynotes
  • E-textiles - Products and Markets
  • E-textiles - Materials and Components
  • Electronic Skin Patches
  • Wearables in Healthcare
  • Hearables
  • XR: AR, VR, MR and more

What attendees say about this event

Without doubt my favourite conference of the year.


Glad to see the growth. We plan to attend next year as well.

Adhesives Research Inc

It is refreshing to note this conference continues to grow in both the number of attendees, and it's relevance to the emerging printed and flexible electronics industry innovations." Therefore we find the annual Printed Electronics USA Conference offers us ideal timing for the announcement and promotion of our new product introductions, because we know key decision makers will be attending the event.

DuPont Teijin Films

After attending Printed Electronics USA it is clear that is it is one of the leading conferences for flexible electronics based technologies. It was great to see the progress and development of the technology into key areas such as wearables and healthcare. We will be exhibiting next year.


A great opportunity to network with a R&D, start-up and end-user company, all in the same day.


Printed Electronics run by IDTechEx uniquely brings together the present and future technologies and is our go to industry show.



Analyst Lead