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Asia's largest event dedicated to printed electronics

Based on the sell-out event last year, IDTechEx is hosting this exclusive conference and tour to Tokyo, Japan to enable companies in Europe and America to meet, learn from, and network with the leading companies involved in organic, printed inorganic and other thin film electronics in Japan and Asia.


Why you should attend:

  • We have secured visits to the leading companies in Japan including Toppan Forms, Dai Nippon Printing, Sony, Toppan Printing, Frontier Carbon Corporation and the University of Tokyo. Visit these companies to gain exclusive insight.
  • Our keynote presentation is a World exclusive: Mr Keiichi Utaka, Managing Director, Toppan Forms -  a company bringing printed electronics to market, followed by Mr Amir Kashmoori, CEO of Kovio, their first presentation in Asia.  The rest of the event agenda is a wish list of the leading companies - from Sony to Hewlett Packard, and G24i to Hitachi Chemical.
  • This exclusive event is open to 100 attendees from European and American companies only, with an unlimited number of Asian companies attending. We provide introductions and all conference sessions have simultaneous Japanese/English translations.


IDTechEx has covered progress of printed electronics in Asia for over six years, regularly visiting companies and speaking at events. This event brings all the highlights together for you.


“Printed Electronics Asia 2007 was a very successful event. I enjoyed the conference, networking and company tours. With the success of the Asia event, IDTechEx is a true global leader in stimulating printed electronics technologies and their applications.“


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If you want to learn what is happening on this topic in Asia and meet the companies doing the ground breaking work - this event is essential. 

See the Speaker page for full agenda.




This conference and exhibition draws executive level delegates from East Asia′s biggest printing, materials, packaging and electronics companies. This exclusive event is open to 100 delegates from European and American companies only, with an unlimited number of Asian companies attending. You get maximum value and the edge over your competitors by obtaining unprecedented access to the latest developments in Asia. For example, more patents are filed in Japan on printed electronics than any other country - learn by whom and meet the companies involved.

Our conference program, exhibition, tours and masterclasses give you key insight into activities in East Asia so you can get ahead of your competition. This is your chance to meet, learn from and forge new relationships with your counterparts in East Asia.




Over 30 international speakers at Printed Electronics Asia will present on the following topics, with simultaneous Japanese-English translation provided:

Printed Electronics Markets, Technologies and Products

Thin film and printed transistors and memory


Flexible, printed and large area OLED displays and lighting


E-paper Technologies: Rollable, reflective, low power and light weight displays


Progress to lower cost, flexible, printed, lightweight Photovoltaics


New electronic materials: conductors, semiconductors, rare material replacements, carbon based materials


Technologies enabling the printing of electronics



COVERING THE WORLD OF ORGANIC AND PRINTED INORGANIC SOLUTIONS: Companies exhibiting cover materials, manufacture, device production, consulting, academic research and much more.


Have your questions answered by experts in interactive consultancy- style sessions which will bring you up to date with the topics. In addition, visit leading companies in the Tokyo Area, hosted by IDTechEx.

Oct 7 Oct 10
Masterclass 1: Introduction to Printed Electronics Masterclass 3: Displays and Lighting: Flexible, low cost and large area
Masterclass 2: Printing and Material Technologies> Masterclass 4: Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon


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Learn about all the technologies, all the applications and all the opportunity at Printed Electronics Asia. IDTechEx is running exclusive VIP Tour to Tokyo, Japan with company visits, a 2 day conference and exhibition and research. Meet, learn from, and network with the leading companies involved in organic, printed inorganic and other thin film electronics in East Asia.

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