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Join us for the next show: Printed Electronics Europe 2006

Attended by over 170 delegates from 20 countries - Europe's LARGEST conference on this topic!

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Printing & Electronics: Why, where, who, what next?

This event married the technologies with applications. The full breadth of the topic is covered in the following sections:

* Applications

* Thin film transistor circuits (organic and inorganic)

* Sensors, photovoltaics, sound & power

* Displays (the full range)

* Materials (conductors, semiconductors, substrates)

* Manufacturing techniques (reel to reel, printing, spin coating etc)

The advent of low-cost disposable technologies provides opportunities to develop products that will change our lives, not simply adding novelty features, but improving the user interface to provide products that are more intuitive, safer and fun to use.

Early case studies are covered, as are potential markets and needs by potential users. Applications covered include electronic smart packaging, such as the changing use by date on packaging, sensors on drugs and foods, brand enhancements, signage and large area displays, photovoltaics, RFID, merchandising, healthcare applications etc.

Global companies will discuss their technical developments and progress, some with first announcements.

Whether it's flexible displays, electronic inks, organic electronics, low-cost laminar batteries, sensors, or circuits - over the course of our conference we will update you on the current status of the fast-moving world of printed electronic technologies, and explore future applications.

Our conference presenters are at the forefront of technology development, as well end-user brand owners - companies looking to enhance and protect their brands in future.

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Coming soon... Printed Electronics USA 2005, December, USA.
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