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Converging Printing with Electronics
the new era for the printing industry

Covering organic semiconductors, flexible and printed electronics

Attended by over 220 delegates from 22 countries! Missed the event? Buy the presentations and audio here, or register for our next event.

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Going to the next stage:
Commercialisation of Printed Electronics

The fourth IDTechEx event on Printed Electronics covers the latest technologies and applications of printed, flexible and organic electronics. Printing transistors, displays, sensors, power and other components is now possible: the next stage is integrating and using this new electronics toolkit. Learn about all the technologies, all the applications and all the opportunity at Printed Electronics Europe.The event uniquely covers:

  • the application of the emerging printed electronics toolkit
  • progress in displays, thin film transistor circuits, sensors, power and sound
  • global developments from companies around the world
  • materials and manufacturing techniques
  • Investing in printed/organic electronics


We fly in speakers to talk about global progress, and cover applications ranging from novelty throw-aways to large area, high-end electronics.

You know that transistors and other components can be printed but you now want to know how they can be integrated into products, whether that is for security printing applications, posters, games, packaging or electronic devices. Our applications session addresses these issues.

Uniquely, IDTechEx analysts tie it all together for you by explaining how these all fit in so you understand the issues and potential. We assess progress of the major players throughout the value chain, the market size and technology roadmaps.


Welcome to the Products of the Future...

Imagine the possibilities of printing electronics at low cost on flexible substrates:

  • packaging becomes revolutionized with electronic diagnostics, colour displays and much more enabling new merchandising propositions, consumer interaction and added value;
  • massive new opportunities for large area flexible displays, photovoltaics and sensor arrays;
  • replace conventional bulky components with versions that are thinner, flexible, more robust and cheaper.

This is just the beginning of a new electronics era where massive new markets will be created. Learn how you can be a part of it


The conference includes tours to leading companies working on this technology in the Cambridgeshire area. There are also many other local companies - IDTechEx will help facilitate introductions.

To date, over 500 people have attended IDTechEx Printed Electronics conferences and over 150 have attended our in-depth Masterclasses on these topics.


Exhibitors and sponsors


What is Printed/Organic Electronics?


The market for organic and printable electronics is expected to reach $300Bn in 2025 - larger than the size of the silicon industry today. The future electronic fabrication plants will be printing presses. Enormous markets will be created where conventional silicon chips cannot go today because they are too costly, large and brittle. A full range of electrical and electronic components will be printed - from transistor circuits to displays, power and even speakers.

This conference uniquely covers the full range of this "new electronics toolkit", their development, what is needed and their application - today and in the future.

IDTechEx provides independent consultancy and research on printed and flexible electronics. Today, not all of this is printed, but we and others see this as the end game for the technology. We have devised this programme bringing together significant parts of the value chain.


Explore the Potential and Your Opportunities


The benefits of attending:

  • Hear about the latest developments in the full range of electronic and electrical components from over 30 international speakers
  • Hear new progress not announced elsewhere
    • Handle many actual samples
    • Meet the people and companies you have only so far read about
  • Learn of the global opportunity
  • Receive the IDTechEx "A to Z of Printed Electronics" for free, worth $500
  • Receive 6 months access to Smart Labels Analyst, worth $250
  • Free attendance to the exhibition
  • Network with users, integrators, printers, material providers and device suppliers

Who should attend:

  • Packaging Developers
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Electronics Architects
  • Technology Developers
  • Print Technology Developers
  • Materials Developers
  • Label Makers

Full details coming soon... click here to stay updated with developments.

For further details please contact Chris Clare at