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Europe's largest event on Printed Electronics. Don't miss Printed Electronics Asia 2007 and Printed Electronics USA 2007.



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The sixth IDTechEx event on Printed Electronics was attended by over 330 delegates from 30 countries. It covered the latest technologies and applications of printed, flexible and organic electronics. Companies from around the world presented in the following sessions:
1. Applications and Markets
2. Thin Film Transistor Circuits (TFTCs)
3. Power (Batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics)
4. Sensors
5. Displays (OLED, electrophoretic, electrochromatic, electroluminescent...)
6. Materials
7. Manufacturing
Printing transistors, displays, sensors, power and other components is now possible: the next stage is integrating and using this new electronics toolkit.
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Attended by over 230 delegates from 22 countries. Printed Electronics Europe 2006 was superbly rated. Don't miss the 2007 event. Register now!