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Electric vehicles, or e-mobility, use an electric motor for propulsion, as opposed to an internal combustion engine (ICE). Electric cars will eventually be dominated by a few giants; however, the components and enabling technologies are applicable to many other types of vehicles - land, sea and air. The appropriate infrastructure and vehicle performance (cost, range, lifetime etc) are key to the adoption rate of the technology.
Reports from IDTechEx Research appraise the market opportunity, giving detailed forecasts and assessment of the technologies, competitive landscape, value chain drivers, barriers, case studies and global trends.
Summary report forecasting every sector of the Electric Vehicle industry

Electric Vehicles 2018-2038: Forecasts, Analysis and Opportunities

This facts-based report destroys EV myths, quantifies new vehicle and component markets emerging. Learn opportunities and profound changes in society resulting from peak car and peak internal combustion soon. Industrial and commercial versions grab share. Plug-in pure EVs lead to the end game of energy independent electric vehicles, often autonomous, by land water and air. Fuel cells and old hybrids lose to plug-in. Identify winners, losers, where, why and how.
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Electric Vehicles in Construction, Agriculture and Mining 2019-2029

As the business of electric vehicles for construction, mining and agriculture exploits commonalities, it will grow more than six-fold in the next decade, setting EV records for unit price and volume and good margins. Understand the innovators, technology and market roadmaps and detailed forecasts.
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Electric and Hybrid Boats and Ships 2019-2029

Whilst diesel and gasoline-powered vessels currently dominate maritime transportation, the market for electric and hybrid vessels is growing rapidly. The industry is facing an inflection point as vessel owners and operators are driven by a plethora of restrictions surrounding emissions of NOx, SOx and greenhouse gases.
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Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2019-2029: Technology, Patents, Forecasts

This technical report from IDTechEx contains a detailed look into an emerging class of solid electrolytes for Li-ion batteries, which are described and classified into three main categories (polymer, inorganic, composite), as well as several sub-categories (LiPON, sulphides, garnets, gel polymers, etc.). A unique patent analysis carried out on 1300 documents complements the chemical overview with a business perspective over the most promising electrolyte technologies.
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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2019-2029: Forecast, Technologies and Players

IDTechEx's Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2019-2029 report presents an overview of the state of development of technologies for electric vehicle charging including conductive, inductive, and capacitive charging among others. We present some of the key enabling technologies such as fast charging, battery swapping and robotic charging which will have a role in new mobility paradigms. We present a ten year market forecast of electric vehicle chargers by region.
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Fuel Cell Vehicles 2019-2029

Fuel cells (FC), particularly those based on hydrogen, have long been heralded as the solution for electric transportation. While batteries have stolen the scene in recent years, IDTechEx has identified a number of applications where FCs can offer a better solution than Li-ion batteries, especially when it comes to range and fast refuelling. We believe this market can potentially boom to reach $200B by 2029.
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Electric Two-wheelers 2019-2029

Petrol motorcycles have largely stagnated in the US and Europe since the financial crisis, while sales volume in India nearly topped 20 million last year, up 15 percent. With most motorcycles below 150cc in India and south-east Asia, the potential for electric two-wheelers huge. Against the backdrop of tightening regulations, government subsidies and fresh targets for 2030, we predict the electric two-wheeler market will grow to $41 billion by 2029.
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Electric Trucks and Delivery Vans 2018-2028

The goods delivery industry is rapidly growing thanks to globalisation and e-commerce. What this implies is a net increase of emissions from diesel engines. In this report by IDTechEx, we analyse how the industry is slowly converting its powertrains of choice from fossil fuels to electricity, whether it is stored in a battery or in a hydrogen tank. The outcome will be higher market penetration rates than for electric cars.
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48V Mild Hybrid Vehicles 2018-2028

Volume 48V mild hybrids rushed onto the market in 2017 and a flood is promised around 2020 from subcompacts to Ferrari and delivery trucks. Then it pivots from diesel replacement to HEV killer. This report uniquely explains technology breakthroughs and market forces driving new USPs. Learn which manufacturers and regions are the focus, market forecasts with/ without pure electric modes to 2028: when, after that, the demand collapses and why.
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Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles in Mining 2018-2028

This report provides an analysis of key market players, equipment models and technology preferences of electric vehicles in mining, examining leading battery, motor and charger manufacturers. Evaluating questions such as which Li ion battery chemistries and manufacturers will dominate the industrial vehicles market? With which charging solutions? Will fast charging or slow charging prevail and to what power rating 50kW, 150kW, 300kW? The report also provides scope on trends in types of industrial vehicle motors (ASM, PSM, SRM) and case studies on the operational and duty cycle performance of electric mining equipment.
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Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2018-2028

Traction motors are becoming more complex and proliferating as profitable key enabling technology leading to $480 billion demand. This unique report gives clear roadmaps, forecasts and analysis as we progress from "the battery is the vehicle" to "the power electronics and drives are the vehicle". Full coverage on-road, off-road, water, air.
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Manned Electric Aircraft 2018-2028

Hybrid or pure electric aircraft are cleaner and quieter, meeting new regulations, flying more of the day and night from more places and transitioning from a small business activity to a $7bn market in 10 years served by the giants. This report of over 150 detailed infographics, forecasts and analysis gives technology roadmaps, newly achievable missions, contenders' plans, sales projections and planned models based on global research in 2017.
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Micro EVs, e-Bikes, e Scooters, e Motorbikes, Mobility for Disabled 2018-2028

Small manned electric vehicles - e-bikes to car-like micro EVs - are closely related and often sell in the largest numbers. The rag bag of names obscures the fact that they are closely related and add up to a very large market. Although car-like micro EVs are usually lower in cost than regular cars, together with two wheel EVs, they will reach over $41 billion in 2028 on IDTechEx analysis. Eight sub-categories are forecasted by numbers and value from 2018-2028.
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Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2018-2038

IDTechEx is first to reveal huge investment potential and market opportunity for Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: they never take on fuel or plug in. They are mobile zero emission microgrids with much in common with static microgrids. Best sectors for adoption of EIEVs are forecasted. Infograms and tables clarify the emerging technologies for the necessary extreme energy harvesting and powertrain efficiency that will make it happen. Players, trials, plans, enablers are analysed from latest global information. Technology and product launch roadmaps are presented.
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Electrically Smart Roads 2018-2028

Roads and their surroundings will generate huge amounts of electricity powering automatic de-icing, snow removal, electric vehicle charging, interactive lighting, structural health monitoring and more. The result will be enhanced safety, speed, saving, air and water quality and a $100 billion new business. This report scopes the technologies, players and opportunities, forecasting ten years and road-mapping 20 years ahead.
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Off Grid Electric Vehicle Charging: Zero Emission 2018-2038

Off grid electric vehicle charging stations will be a nearly $7 billion business in 2028 and there will be 100,000 energy independent electric vehicles made that year that are their own charging stations. Then all this zero emission adoption will grow really rapidly. This report covers it all from market drivers to forecasts and technology appraisal and roadmaps.
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Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2018-2028

Over 11 million range extenders will be made in 2028, range extenders are the additional power source that distinguishes hybrid cars from pure electric. Add to that significant money spent on the same devices in buses, military vehicles, boats and so on and a major new market emerges. This unique report is about range extenders for all these purposes - their evolving technology and market size.
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Last Mile Electric Vehicles 2018-2028

Last mile delivery is expensive, slow or dangerous whether package or person. 1.7 million US truckers' shipment revenues were $726bn (2015), more than google, Amazon and Walmart combined. Turning trucks regularly crunch cyclists to death. This report appraises all options for last mile delivery of people and things, from drones to sidewalk and planned taxi/bus robots and new manually driven EVs. Electric vehicles best leverage autonomy. See forecasts and statistics.
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Electric Buses 2018-2038

Over the next decade, bus technology will focus on pure electric and hybrid with pure electric winning and autonomous versions increasingly important. This report explains how and why in the context of some small players out-performing, the Chinese going global using huge economy of scale and electric school buses and new bus-taxis becoming significant. Bus technology changes radically: conventional powertrains, components, structures vanish. See detailed forecasts by type and region.
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Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles 2017-2027

Vehicles becoming electric will create a $300 billion plus power electronics market in 2027. Researched worldwide in 2016/2017, with infographics, ten year roadmaps and projections, this report details how power electronics grows because the number of motor controllers per vehicle is increasing and steering, suspension and other previously mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic parts become power electronics. In addition, multiple forms of recuperation and energy harvesting will create electricity in vehicles.
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Piezoelectric Harvesting and Sensing 2019-2039

Piezoelectric harvesting and sensing have been 7% of the piezoelectric business but millions of dollars newly invested in piezoelectric roads and reinvention of sensing for IOT, smart cities healthcare etc. may lead to a new piezo market of over one billion dollars. Patent filings and new materials and formats such as printing, flexible film and coating are strongly increasing in number. This report uniquely covers it all including interviews globally, next technology, markets.
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Fluoropolymers for Emerging Electronics and Electrics 2019-2039

Fluoropolymer market growth becomes powered by newly optimised electrical and electronic uniques such as triboelectricity, artificial muscle, ion exchange. Here comes electricity generation from floors, architectural textiles, sails. New formulations serve many functions in one device such as sensing, actuation, signalling. We prioritise what is arriving for morphing aircraft, next generation batteries, fuel cells, ocean wave power and more. Billion dollar businesses, premium pricing and huge benefits to society await.
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Drones 2018-2038: Components, Technologies, Roadmaps, Market Forecasts

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the drone market, considering components, technologies, application roadmaps and markets.
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Airborne Wind Energy 2019-2039

AWE is a new generation, zero emission generator - mobile, no infrastructure. In 2018 it moved from 1. Mainly engineering led projects seeking size and 2. Modest sales of hobbyist systems to something in-between that is far more promising - first sales of 30-100kW systems into key verticals. Niche marketing promises billion dollar sales. The rich and patient also have potential with giants in wind farms. Learn developer plans, technology roadmap.
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Smart Materials as Structural Electronics and Electrics 2019-2029

A solid plastic flexible phone. A road that makes solar electricity and de-ices itself. You already adjust the window darkness in a 787 plane by touching it. This is all structural electronics, the term embracing electrics and optics too. It makes new things possible such as solar drones aloft for years and it is creating a huge smart materials business and new products. Only this report covers it all.
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Second-life Electric Vehicle Batteries 2019-2029

Repurposing a second-life for retired electric vehicle batteries is attracting increasing attention due to the potential value that can be extracted from it before recycling. By 2029, second-life batteries will represent around 108GWh storage capacity per year. This report includes a forecast on the future availability of second-life batteries, potential applications, existing industrial implementations, the regulatory landscape, the value chain, key technologies and business models for second-life batteries.
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Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2019-2029

People are moving to cities for reasons such as jobs and entertainment. Over 60% live in cities and WHO and the UN have forecasted figures up to 80% in cities by 2050. Sadly there are big negatives to this such as pollution, water rationing, global warming, social disruption and increased vulnerability to physical and cyber attack. Cities often suffer overwhelmed education and healthcare including the diabetes epidemic and there is chronic obesity from bad eating in cities. Here are the $100 billion antidotes but the smart city will go even beyond these.
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Supercapacitor Materials and Technology Roadmap 2019-2039

Better active electrode materials are matched to improved electrolytes spawning many new supercapacitors and derivatives with cost reduction and virtuosity that will power large future sales from load bearing to textile versions. Now is the time to participate. Learn of opportunities from exohedrals to MXenes. Access latest interviews, presentations, expert viewpoints with forecasts and roadmaps. Assess most promising new organic and inorganic materials and performance potential in different hybrids and symmetrical EDLC with or without strong optimised pseudocapacitance.
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Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Materials for Aerospace and Defense 2018-2028

Aerospace has the highest carbon footprint per tonne-km over any other mode of transportation. Regulatory demands coupled with economic and performance advantages mean that saving any weight is a constant target. This report looks at the key lightweighting approaches for this sector and which players and technologies stand to be the main winners and losers. The predominant focus is on advanced lightweight materials and the rise of additive manufacturing.
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Fiber Lasers 2018-2028: Technologies, Opportunities, Markets & Forecasts

The report provides coverage of highly innovative laser technologies and the rapidly growing fiber laser market, which are rarely explored by market research companies. The report is authored by an analyst with a technical background in laser physics research.
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Redox Flow Batteries 2018-2028: Markets, Trends, Applications

The redox flow battery (RFB) technology, despite higher upfront costs, has a shorter payback time thanks to a good capacity retention even after many thousands of cycles. RFBs retain most of their initial value thanks to the possibility to recycle their core components. Lithium-ion batteries will suffer a setback from the emergence of utility-grade RFBs, which will ease the pressure on the lithium resources needed for electric mobility applications.
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Smart Glass and Windows 2018-2028: Electronic Shading and Semi-Transparent PV

Smart Glass is electrically active glass mainly for use in automotive, architectural and avionic windows, with demand growing to $1.1 billion in ten years. It is typically for electronic shading in place of physical blinds, or a semi-transparent PV window to generate electricity locally. As the only comprehensive report covering the technologies and markets, it will assist all in the value chain including building and vehicle designers, sellers and users.
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Non-Toxic Materials for Electronics/ Electrics: Large Emerging Markets 2018-2028

Poisonous materials are arriving in many electronic and electrical devices and structures. Mostly, there is no listing of them, assessment of risks, description of alternatives. For the first time this report looks at the toxicity and likely prevalence of the burgeoning number of materials and devices of concern, making recommendations concerning better legal constraints. It reveals many little known alternatives that are safer in manufacture, use, abuse and disposal.
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3D Printing 2018-2028: Technology and Market Analysis

This report covers the technologies used and the main applications in 3D printing of polymers, metals and ceramics, with an assessment of commercially available printers and materials. Analysis showing the state of the market, market growth drivers and restraints, and forecast printer and materials revenue is provided. The market for 3D printing equipment, materials, software and services is estimated to be worth $22 billion by the year 2028.
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Lightweight Metals 2018-2028: Forecasts, Developments, Players

The pressing need for solutions that provide the same functional capacity but at a lighter weight is apparent across numerous industries. Lightweight metals provide the most advanced solution to this challenge. IDTechEx have analysed the complete supply chain for aluminium, magnesium, metal matrix composites (MMC), and metal foams. Each one stands at different levels of market maturity, but all possess underlying advancements in technological innovations and contain a wealth of opportunities.
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Agricultural Robots and Drones 2018-2038: Technologies, Markets and Players

This report is focused on agricultural robots and drones. It analyses how robotic market and technology developments will change the business of agriculture, enabling ultra-precision and/or autonomous farming and helping address key global challenges. It develops a detailed roadmap of how robotic technology will enter into different aspects of agriculture, how it will change the way farming is done and transform its value chain, how it becomes the future of agrochemicals business and how it will modify the way we design agricultural machinery.
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Advanced Li-ion & Beyond Li-ion Batteries 2018-2028

Advanced Li-ion battery technologies are being developed all the time, but only a few make it to the mass production stage. This report analyses all main cathode (LCO, NMC, LFP, NCA) and anode (graphite, LTO, silicon, lithium metal) chemistries and benchmarks their potential against other existing or future battery technologies, such as lithium sulphur, lithium air, supercapacitors, redox flow batteries, sodium ion batteries, and zinc batteries.
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Ten Forecasts for the Automotive Sector

Developments in the automotive sector in the latter part of the 2010s have been nothing short of staggering, and so fast paced that even those that have been following the sector for many years admit not having witnessed such radical shifts in decades: A $1.7 trillion market with many facets and complex value chains, mobility is undergoing three paradigm-shifting transformations, all in the same decade: connectivity, autonomy, and electrification.
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Ten Forecasts on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the application of digital technology to fundamentally impact all aspects of our society. As it pertains to an enterprise, digital transformation is the reinvention of a business or organization through the use of digital technology in order to improve the way it performs and serves its clients.
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Li-ion Batteries 2018-2028

Li-ion batteries have become quintessential for consumer electronics; within the next five years we will also see them increasingly deployed in electric vehicles. In this report, IDTechEx brings you on a journey around the world's gigafactories and emerging battery materials, with technology comparisons and market forecasts up to 2028. Over 140 Li-ion battery manufacturers are listed and compared, and key insights are collected from the main industry trade shows worldwide.
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Battery Elimination in Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2018-2028

Millions of devices that had batteries are now redesigned to avoid them, unlocking new business. This new 300+ page report reveals latest ways of eliminating batteries to permit mass deployment of IOT, electric vehicles with "perpetual" speed and almost unlimited life and much more. See relevance and technology for applications from sensors to the energy grid and ships.
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Mobile Robots and Drones in Material Handling and Logistics 2018-2038

This report is focused on all aspects of mobile robotics in material handling and logistics. In particular, we consider the following: automated guided vehicles and carts (AGVs/AGCs); autonomous mobile vehicles and carts/units; mobile picking robots; last mile delivery ground robots (driods) and drones; and autonomous trucks and light delivery vans (level 4 and level 5 automation). We provide technology roadmaps and twenty-year market forecasts in unit numbers and revenue.
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Composites 2017-2027: Innovations, Opportunities, Market Forecasts

Composite parts consist of fibres embedded in a matrix to give superior properties in comparison to their individual elements. The industry appears well-established, but beneath the surface, there are significant innovations at every step of the supply chain. This provides both improved and nascent materials and opportunities in both expanding and emerging applications. IDTechEx forecast this market to exceed $9bn by 2027 just for synthetic fibres in composite parts.
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