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IDTechEx analysts live innovation. When developing new products, the challenge we face and look for answers to is how to provide our clients with analysis on technological advances in new and meaningful ways.
The Instant Insight series, our newest product offering, takes coverage of global developments on technology innovation a step further: it distills it through not one, but several analysts' distinct skillset and expertise, while allowing for the blend-in of the effect of overarching trends through background-specific angles of view. Applying that principle into a range of market sectors allows for insightful commentary only achieved by leveraging a wide range of perspectives.
The result: Single focus analysis is converted into a multi angled dissection of transformative events that reveals variety in points of view that one might even find seemingly contradicting at times; what they demonstrate in reality is the multi-faceted nature of innovation, and like with most aspects of the human experience, it is different for everyone, depending on the angle you examine it from.
That's what the IDTechEx Instant Insight series aims to be: succinct, precise and to the point market research that allows you simultaneous views from multiple aspects, each unveiling different, exciting, and even unexpected opportunities.
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