Research Articles

17 Jan 2019

Healthcare Sensors: Piezoelectrics the New Gymnasts

Healthcare electronics is rapidly deploying for wellness, electroceuticals, intrusive medical procedures and more, powered by new technologies.
16 Jan 2019

In-mold electronics is on the brink of large scale adoption

In-mold electronics (IME) is a process of integrating printed decorations and electronic circuitry with thermoforming and molding.
15 Jan 2019

A new world enabled by speech/voice user interface

The speech user interface landscape is changing, as described in IDTechEx's brand-new report "Voice, Speech, Conversation-Based User Interface 2019-2029: Technology, Player, Market".
10 Jan 2019

Webinar Thursday 17 January - Introduction to Bioelectronic Medicine

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 17 January titled Introduction to Bioelectronic Medicine.
04 Jan 2019

Off Road Electric Vehicles Prosper While On-Road Hits Trouble

The on-road electric vehicle industry knows it is headed for a vicious fight to the death as the biggest category, private cars, collapses due to people moving to cities and nothing compensates for saturation of the Chinese electric bus market. In contrast, off-road EVs will be prosperous growth markets.
04 Jan 2019

Webinar Thursday 10 January - Airborne Wind Energy AWE Gets Serious

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 10 January titled Airborne Wind Energy AWE Gets Serious.
21 Dec 2018

Electric motorcycles: the search for new markets

Zero Motorcycles have exhibited at the past two IDTechEx events, and typically showcase their sporty S and off-road DS models, as well as their impressive 45kW electric motors (designed from scratch in California and produced at a factory in China). This year, at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara California, things were markedly different.
21 Dec 2018

The silent transition to electric and hybrid vessels

The brand new IDTechEx report 'Electric and Hybrid Boats and Ships 2019 - 2029' expects investment to accelerate after 2020. Since the early 2010s, sales of pure electric and hybrid vessels have grown steadily, mainly driven by the need to reduce local pollution of NOx, SOx and particulate matter in a handful of emission control areas (ECA) that are local to coastlines.
19 Dec 2018

The coming of age of 3D bioprinting?

Though activities in 3D bioprinting have been growing in leaps and bounds since 2015, the activity we have seen in 2018 has been truly remarkable for this fledgling field. Finally, governments, academic institutions and companies alike are beginning to understand the value that 3D bioprinting can bring and are working hard together to bring disruptive change through building tissues from scratch.
19 Dec 2018

The Most Significant Material Science News of 2018

Advancements in material science and material processing will always play a central role in any technological progression. IDTechEx has been providing leading market analysis on a broad range of advanced materials and their technology analysts have given their pick of the key news stories from 2018.
13 Dec 2018

Growing skin in the lab for the treatment of advanced wounds

Though there are many medical devices that can be used in the care of advanced wounds, there is significant clinical research to support that biological therapies provide superior healing ability.
12 Dec 2018

Webinar Tuesday 18 December- RFID 2018 Update: Market Size and Outlook

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 18 December titled RFID 2018 Update: Market Size and Outlook.