Research Articles

22 Mar 2019

Midi and School Buses will Drive Huge Component Demand

There are over two million midi buses in the world. For example, most of the 1.6 million school buses are midi buses though North American ones are mainly larger. The new IDTechEx Research report, "Electric School Buses and Midi Buses 2019-2039" finds that almost none are electric. It is very different for larger buses, for now at least.
21 Mar 2019

Bioelectronic Medicine - A Drug-Free Solution to Chronic Diseases

In 2018, bioelectronic medicine was named by the World Economic Forum as one of ten top technologies to change medical treatment.
19 Mar 2019

Airbus, Altran and Microsoft Open the IDTechEx Show!

The IDTechEx Show! at the Estrel Convention Centre in Berlin, Germany on 10 - 11 April is the leading global event for product innovators and technology scouts. Opening the event will be two Cornerstone presentations that will cover exciting developments across these technologies.
15 Mar 2019

Next Electric Vehicles Get Ultra Lightweight Motors

In electric aircraft, motor power-to-weight ratio is paramount for endurance, the main constraint on sales. You cannot lug ever more battery weight to get range. Indeed, better motors mean less battery in a land, water or air vehicle. The new IDTechEx Research report, "Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2019-2029" explains the new emphasis on power-to-weight ratio with good efficiency.
14 Mar 2019

Webinar Thursday 28 March 2019- Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles

IDTechEx is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 28 March 2019 titled Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air: $100+bn Market Emerging.
13 Mar 2019

Polymer aerogels get nearer to high volume production

The aerogel market is dominated by silica-based materials; IDTechEx Research calculate this to be over 98% in 2019 by revenue.
13 Mar 2019

3D Printing in the Medical Industry: Medicine, Implants, Models, more

One of the key industries to have successfully leveraged the advantages of 3D printing is the medical and dental industry. 3D printing allows for the creation of personalized medical devices to be streamlined, and it has also been used to improve surgical outcomes and deliver personalized medicines. IDTechEx has forecasted that the market for 3D printing of medical devices and living tissues will be worth $8.1 billion by the year 2029.
13 Mar 2019

IDTechEx Announces Winners of Launchpad, New Technologies Initiative

IDTechEx Launchpad will showcase innovations from 20 start-up companies at the IDTechEx Show! held in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 April 2019. All winners will be showing a new working prototype or product, many for the first time.
11 Mar 2019

Webinar Thurs 21 March 2019 - Diesel Gensets: Managing the Transition

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 21 March 2019 titled Diesel Gensets: Managing the Transition.
07 Mar 2019

Moveable Cities

Refocussing of smart cities from big brother sensing and people control to energy, food and water independence and magnificent free public transport facilitates cities becoming moveable. IDTechEx report, "Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2019-2029" explains.
06 Mar 2019

Technologies to Watch in 2019

IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das identifies 3 of the most important technology trends that you need to know about this year.
05 Mar 2019

IDTechEx showcases why Boston is at heart of 3D printing revolution

3D printing is rapidly reaching industrial commercialisation in numerous sectors; IDTechEx forecast that the total market will be worth $22bn by 2028. A new 3D Printing commercial insight forum is being hosted at the Autodesk facilities in Boston, USA, May 8-9 2019. This event provides expert led sessions giving technical analysis, commercial understanding and market outlooks across key topic areas. Each session will be conducted by an IDTechEx analyst and include a high-profile industrial speaker to give their key findings and opinions.