Advanced Materials Report

The aerogel market will reach $910 million by 2027

Aerogels 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets and Players

Lightweight advanced nanoporous materials including: silica monolith, granule, powder and composite forms; organic polymer; supercritical and ambient pressure drying manufacturing processes.

Table of Contents
1.1.What is an Aerogel?
1.2.Aerogel tree by type
1.3.Silica Aerogel Properties
1.4.Different forms of Aerogels
1.5.Hype Curve of aerogel by application
1.6.Market forecast by industry sector
1.7.Market Forecast for Silica granule and powder manufacturers
1.8.Market Forecast of Polymer Aerogels by Application
2.1.What is an Aerogel?
2.2.How are aerogels made?
2.3.A brief history of Aerogels
2.4.Supercritical Drying Process
2.5.Ambient Pressure Drying Process - Cabot Corporation
2.6.A comparison of aerogel manufacturing processes
2.7.Silica Aerogel Properties
2.8.Different forms of Aerogels
2.9.Silica Aerogel Properties by Pure Form
2.10.Silica Aerogel Properties
2.11.Silica Aerogel Precursors
2.12.Natural Sources of Aerogel
2.13.Aerogel tree by type
3.1.Aerogel Manufacturers by Type and Maturity
3.2.Development of supercritical aerogel manufacturing processes
3.3.Hype Curve of aerogel by application
3.4.Patents and Publication trends
3.5.Aerogel Google Trends
3.6.Aerogel Products by Form and Maturity
3.7.Market forecast information and overview
3.8.Market forecast by industry sector
3.9.Market forecast by aerogel type
3.10.Revenue of Aerogel Manufacturers
3.11.ecommerce sites for aerogels
4.1.Silica Composite Aerogels - Matrix Reinforced. Aspen Aerogel products
4.2.Silica Composite Aerogels - Matrix Reinforced. Aspen Aerogel manufacturing
4.3.Silica Composite Aerogels - Matrix Reinforced. Aspen Aerogel industry overview
4.4.Aspen Aerogel Financial Overview
4.5.Silica Composite Aerogels - Matrix Reinforced
4.6.Silica Composite Aerogels - Composites formed from powders and granules
4.7.Silica Composite Aerogels - Armacell and JIOS Aerogel
4.8.Silica Composite Aerogels - Composites formed from powders and granules
4.9.Silica Composite Aerogels - University Research
4.10.Silica Composite Aerogels - Huntsman and Cabot Corporation Case Study
4.11.Powder Aerogel SWOT analysis
4.12.Granule Aerogel SWOT analysis
4.13.Silica Aerogel in end-user liquid products
4.14.Silica Aerogel powder manufacturing processes
4.15.Continuous Ambient Pressure Drying Process - University Research
4.16.Ambient Pressure Drying Processes - University Research
4.17.Rapid Supercritical Extraction - University Research
4.18.Alternative Monolithic Aerogel Manufacturing Processes - University Research
4.19.Cost progression for Powder and Granule Silica Aerogels
4.20.Market Forecast for Silica granule and powder manufacturers
5.1.Polymer Aerogels - Blueshift International Materials
5.2.Polymer Aerogels - Aerogel Technologies
5.3.Polymer Aerogels - BASF
5.4.Market Forecast of Polymer Aerogels by Application
5.5.Carbon Aerogel - Manufacturing and Properties
5.6.Graphene and Graphite Aerogel
7.1.Oil and Gas - Refineries
7.2.Oil and Gas - Pipelines
7.3.Industrial Insulation
7.4.Building and Construction - Overview
7.5.Building and Construction - Panels and Blankets
7.6.Building and Construction - Coatings and Paints
7.7.Window insulation - Cabot Corporation
7.8.Window insulation - Tiem Factory and Aspen Aerogel
7.9.District Energy
7.10.Aerospace and Automotive - Silica
7.11.Aerospace and Automotive - Polymer
7.12.Apparel and Footwear
7.13.Packaging - Food, Chemicals and Consumer Items
7.14.Beauty and Cosmetics
7.15.Environmental Impact Solutions - Air and Liquid Filtration
7.16.Environmental Impact Solutions - Oil-Spill Remediation and Desalination
7.17.Environmental Impact Solutions - Transportation
7.19.Sports Equipment
7.20.Food and Drink
7.21.Energy and Catalysis
7.22.Electronics - Thermal Insulation
7.23.Electronics - Thermal Dissipation
7.24.Fundamental Research Purposes
8.1.Aerogel Technologies
8.2.Aerogel UK
8.3.Aspen Aerogel
8.4.BASF Polyurethanes GmbH
8.5.Blueshift International Materials
8.6.Cabot Corporation
8.9.Green Earth Aerogel Technologies
8.10.Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech Co
8.12.Keey Aerogel
8.13.Nano High Tech
8.14.Svenska Aerogel
8.15.Tiem factory Inc.
9.1.Market Forecast: tabulated data for applications
9.2.Market Forecast: tabulated data by type and form
9.3.Market Forecast: tabulated data for silica particles
9.4.Market Forecast: tabulated data for Aspen Aerogel
9.5.Market Forecast: tabulated data for polymer aerogel
Table 1. Silica Aerogel - Properties in Comparison to Conventional Materials
Table 2. Silica Aerogel - Properties Comparison by Form
Table 3. Comparison of Silica Composites Formed Post-Synthesis
Table 4. U-Value Estimations for Spaceloft
Figure 1. Aerogel Tree by Type
Figure 2. Aerogel Manufacturers by Type and Maturity - Technology Radius Chart
Figure 3. Hype Curve of Aerogel by Application
Figure 4. Patents and Publication Trend
Figure 5. Aerogel Google Trends
Figure 6. Aerogel Products by Form and Maturity - Technology Radius Chart
Figure 7. Market Forecast by Industry Sector
Figure 8. Market Forecast by Aerogel Type and Form
Figure 9. Revenue of Aerogel Manufacturers
Figure 10. Thermal Conductivity of Aspen Aerogel Products over a Temperature Range
Figure 11. Aspen Aerogel Capacity Expansion Plan
Figure 12. Aspen Aerogel Financial Overview
Figure 13. Silica Aerogel Blanket Cost Forecast
Figure 14. Powder Aerogel SWOT Analysis
Figure 15. Granule Aerogel SWOT Analysis
Figure 16. Silica Powder and Granule Cost Forecast
Figure 17. Market Forecast for Silica Granule and Powder Manufacturers
Figure 18. Market Forecast of Polymer Aerogels by Applications
Figure 19. Density and Compressive Modulus vs Thermal Conductivity for Airloy and Conventional Products.

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