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In 2029, the market for EV motors will surpass $100bn and have many premium pricing opportunities

Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2019-2029

Brand new for January 2019

What is in every electric vehicle whether land, water and airborne? It is an electric motor with its control. No not a battery: plenty of EVs have a supercapacitor. The new IDTechEx report, "Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2019-2029" explains how, even in cost terms, the battery will become a smaller part of the cost, even commoditised, whereas the other electrics become more of the cost and much more of the added value. Not least, this is because the traction motors become complex motor-generators with up to four per car - six on some trucks, 20 on some aircraft and each with a more complex controller. Little wonder that Nissan has been trying to sell its battery business while boosting motor research and duplicating its motor production into its Chinese facility. The innovation in the new Tesla 3 was the motor not the battery.
IDTechEx forecasts the vehicles 2019-2029 in far more categories than any other analyst - over 50. See where traditional permanent magnet motors and new forms of switched reluctance are gaining share and induction is losing share in electric vehicles land, water and air. Understand how, to avoid magnet price hikes and performance limitations, there are now permanent magnets in motors without rare earths, others use ferrites, reluctance or induction and what advances in induction may reverse their decline. Where are traditional PM machines with axial rather than radial flux gaining share from almost nothing? Who are getting the orders for high power density applications and in which two technologies?
Understanding and benefitting from all this will be a key competitive advantage for users and producers of traction motors. The detailed 167 page report, ""Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2019-2029" covering over 50 participants and giving over 20 forecasts 2019-2029 will greatly assist.
The report was researched by globetrotting multi lingual IDTechEx analysts and updating is continuous. It starts with a very comprehensive Executive Summary and Conclusions with many infograms revealing and explaining trends from voltages to operating principles. There are over 30 forecasts of applications by device numbers, value and technologies. Roadmaps show the big developments over the coming decade, land and air. The assessment and predictions of many thought leaders is prominent. Which technologies and suppliers win and why? Where does weight decrease command premium price and who wins in this? What is happening in China?
The Introduction thoroughly explains the dynamics of the electric vehicle business and the key place of China in it. See winners in the impending car shakeout. What does the frenzy of acquisitions of motor innovators focus on? See many examples. Read advice of the motor designers. Chapter 3 concerns voltage trends, technology implications of these and the huge 48V mild hybrid opportunity. Learn why 800V is one destination but "48V is the new 12V". See motors planned for many forthcoming vehicles, in the light of voltage trends, technology roadmaps.
Chapter 4 concerns chasing higher power to weight ratio from 1881 to 2050. Startling new achievements are planned. Why is axial flux landing orders but not in every case? Chapter 5 explains and predicts the trend to multiple traction machines in vehicles. It permits vectored steering and new principles of flying. Paradoxically, it increases range. How? Who? What next? Chapter 6 investigates latest motor control technology, now inseparable from the motor itself. Understand the trend to more control and less motor. Chapter 7 illustrates different traction motor technologies in action starting with a summary of types used in 48V mild hybrid cars, then buses, then off-road vehicles. It ends with aircraft choices, all in summary tables and comment.
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